1 mrt. 2012

REVIEW - Catrice Intensif 'eye wet&dry shadow

Hello there lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is review on a eye shadow that I bought last week.
And this was such a suprising product, it just blew my socks off.
It is my first experience with an eye shadow of this brand and I already love it so much.
Let's get on to the review !

First of all let's start with the packaging.
It is a simple plastic package which works fine.
As long as you dont throw with this package it doesn't break.
You do have to be careful if your carrying this eye shadow with you in your makeup bag.
Because it is cheap plastic so it CAN break.

Other then that the lettering on the package looks cool.
Holographic letters which doesn't look that cheap.
This package works fine with me.
It opens easy and the look oke.

The eye shadow is SO beautiful !
When I saw this one I just HAD to have it.
Couldn't resist not buying this eye shadow haha.
It is a warm chocolate brown eye shadow with some gold /bronzey glitters in it.
I was so excited to use this eye shadow.

Close up picture
The name of this eye shadow is : 
Charly's chocolate factory

This is the PERFECT name for it.
Because it really is a chocolate brown with a reddish sheen.
Love this eye shadow.

Can you see the lovely glitters.
It also looks like a baked eye shadow , but I dont know if this actually is the fact.

The eye shadow costs : €3,79 for 0.8 gram which is a good price I think.
Not the cheapest but it's deffinitly worth the money.

Can you see how pigmented this eye shadow is.
I never had expected this and I was so surprised of this fact.
Normally with "cheaper"brands you don't expect much pigment but this had such a color pay off.
And the giltters are also in the eye shadow.
Sometims with cheaper brands the glitter is only "sprayed"on top of the eye shadow,
so the eye shadow doesn't actually has glitter in it.
But these glitters deffinitly pay off.

And even after a swatch on my hand it was still SO pigmented.
I am deffinitly happy that I took this eye shadow home with me, to try out.
This eye shadow is deffinitly worth a shot.
The also have a few more colors.
And when you apply this eye shadow with a wet brush it gives even more color pay off.
I really recommend this eye shadow !