31 dec. 2010

Eye look - navy and gold

Hi there lady , 
Today I made two looks with my new eyeshadow palette from Sleek. 
And everyday I love this palettes even more ahaha. 
I hope you like the looks and will experience with your own eyeshadows cause you dont HAVE to use the sleek eyeshadow palette any other brand is good as well. 
I was inspired by today cause its Newyearseve and I think these colours fit in the theme perfectly. 
This is the look that I made with the Sleek - orginnal Palette nr.594
I used :
Sleek palette - storm nr. 578
Sephora - smoothing primer
Maybeline Superstay 24 hr
And I used my Zoeva brushes
colours tha tI used from the Sleek palette

These are the pencils that I used to achieve this eyelook

It was a quite short article but I really hope you liked reading it.
And that you enjoyed watching.

30 dec. 2010

Pier angeli

Hello gorgeous , 
I've always been fascinated by old stars and fashion icons 
So today's article is about the gorgeous Italian film actress :
Pier Angeli

Pier Angeli (Anna Maria Pierangelli)

This beauty was born on 19 july 1932 in the city
Cagliari , Sardinia - Italy.
Acting career
Angeli made her film debut with Domani é troppo tardi,  after being spotted by directors Leonide Moguy and Vittiorio de Sica. She was discoverd by Hollywood and MGM launched her in her first american movie, Terasa in the year 1951. After that she appeared in the movies : The story of 3 loves , Flame and the Flesh , The Silver Chalice  and the vintage. During the 60's till 1970 , she returned to live and work in Europe.
After a few movies her acting career might revive when she was picked to play a role in The Godfather , but she died soon before they started filming.

Personal Life
Anna Maria had two sisters , one twin sister called Marisa and her other sister Patrizia.
Both of the sister also became actresses.Anna came from a Catholic family.
When Anna was 16 years old she studied Arts in Rome.

Love Life
.He was starting his career in Hollywood and would became a big legend of all times. His name was James Dean , and he was working on his first movie : East of Eden. The attraction between the two was immediate. They somehow completed each other , for whil he was wild and rebellious, she was peacefull. She could bring him the stability he didnt have and could bring him hun and excitement to her life.

One day after shooting , a gorgeous young actor working on a nearby set 
stopped by to visit Newman and another friend. They introduced Angeli. It was a meetin that would change both of their lives.

Little by little , dean became more gentle and easygoing under Angeli 's influence. Friends say he even wore a tuxedo for the first time to accompany her to a premiere.
For a short time they had an romantic relationship but it wasnt all that perfect.
 There was Angeli's controlling and domineering mother , who did not consider Dean suitable for her daughter and forbade her to see him.  

Angeli wanted to marry Dean and he was afraid to loose his freedom. He was not ready for marriage and Angeli believed that because of his doubts he did not love her. All the pressure took his toll in the relationship and they ened their relationship. After they broke up Angeli married Damone and at their wedding Dean was sitting on his bike infront of the church. He drove away with high speed and since their break up Dean was desolate and broken-hearted.

Vic Damone

After that she went on to marry singer and actor Vic Damone. She gave birth to her son , Perry Farinla. After a while the couple divorced .

Armando Trovaiolli

Her second marriage was to an Italian composer called Armando Trovaioli , she gave birth to her second son Andrew.
Sadly Anna Maria Angelli died of an accidental barbiturate overdose.

She was such a beautifull and elegant woman , she is deffinitly an beauty icon.
At least in my opinion <3
Well this was the article and I  really hope you liked it.

Sleek eye shadow palettes - original and storm palette

Hi there beauty ,

As a told you guys , i got two new palettes from sleek which I ordered at alicejohavesentials.nl
And im so excited to share this with you guys and i can reallly recommand this to you all.
The palettes are just gorgeous and pigmented and CHEAP its incredible.
So here are some pictures of the palettes.

Sleek palette - Original nr.594 and Storm nr. 578

These palettes are so freaking pretty and the quality is just amazing.
The eye shadows are really pigmented and that's always a good thing.

You can find information about where to order them in my article of the other gorgeous palette  :
I dont even have words for these gorgeous palettes.
Its just so unbelievable that this palette costs €7,25 and that the quality is so high.

Well this was a really short article but I hope you liked it.
And I hope you liked reading and watching the article.

28 dec. 2010

Christmas & Meatloaf recipie

Hi there lovely  ,

yesterdayI had a third day of christmas joy at my boyfriends parents and it was really nice.
me and my boyfriend made dinner and we choose to make meatloaf with a lot of herbs and veggies and it tasted soooo good. ( Ill give you the recipie down below)
and we had such nice presents of my boyfriends parents and it was really cozy and fun.

I got some earwarmers ,a nice white scarf with a hoody, the book : simons cat , which is about cats and the book reminds me SO much of my own cat. I also had a wooden box with fresh tea , a teaegg and a little plate to put the tea-sacks on and last but not least a photoframe to put on my refridgerator.
hot chocolatemilk
my new furry earwarmers ?


This is the recipie of the meatloaf , its real easy to make and its a cheap but fancy dinner.
 The ingredients of this recipie is for four people.
    the meatloaf that I made
  • 1 kg of mixed minced meat
  • 2 eggs
  • 120 gram of breadcrumbs
  • 1 clove garlic ( you can add more if you want i did 3 cause i love spice)
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • 2 sprigs of thyme ( this smells amazing )
  • a few pats of butter
  • 1 sprig rosemary
ps. you can always add more herbs if you want , go with the flow cause i added some whole cloves of garlic and peper and salt .

  • the meatloaf :
  • preheat the oven at 170 celsius.
  • take a large bowl and mix the meat with chopped egg , breadcrumbs and finely the crushed garlic.
  • TIP : i always put the meat in first and then make a little hole in the meat and then i putt the eggs in it and breadcrumbs , its easier to mix)
  • choose a sharp knife and chop the parsley , rosemary and thyme finely. Add the spices to the meat mixture.
  • knead vigorously and bring to taste with freshly milled pepper and salt.
  • remove the meat mixturen from the bowl and form a thick roll. ( you can choose the forn as you saw i made a kinda long thick stroke)
  • melt a knob of butter in a hot pan and cook the meatloaf on each side until it gets a golden crust.
  • KEEP THE PAN AND JUICES IN , dont wash it
  • place the meatloaf in a flameproof baking dish arrange a few pats of butter and let it bake for 40 minutes in the oven at 170 celsius.
  • TIP : add some laurel leaf ( laurier blad ) cause its delicious with this dish. If you want you can throw in some veggies if you want this will tast so good. But thrown the veggies in the baking dish when its already 20 minutes in the oven , so the veggies can bake for 20 minutes. Add a knob of butter and thats it.

Thank you very much for reading ,
and I hope you really liked it !

With lots of love ,
Rianne x

Review - Sleek limited edition sparkle palette

Hello beauty's ,

I really wanted to review this for you guys cause i LOVE THIS palette.
There are such beautifull colours in it and I really wanted to share this with you.
The colours are so pigmented 
and pretty so let get on to the review.

this palette gorgeous !?
Its perfect to create a classic smockey eye but also a purple or navy smockey eye.
I will post a look with this palette later on this week.

You can order these beauty's on - www.sleekmakeup.com
They will ship to uk , europe , and international (except africa) .
A palette cost €8,50 ,which is 70 cents per eyeshadow
so thats a really good deal for gorgeous pigmented eyeshadows.

I got another site , they do ship to other country's in europe only thing is the website is dutch, but the palettes are cheaper.
You can order at this website - http://www.alicejohavesentials.nl/
A palette cost € 7,25 - which is 60 cents per eyeshadow , isnt that unbelievable
except the Sparkle limited edition palette that one costs € 7,95

Deffinitly take a look at the websites cause the palette are just gorgeous.
I ordered two more palettes , original and storm so I will do a post when they arrive.
I hope you liked reading and enjoyed watching the pictures.

Mask time

hi gorgeous ,
Today i went to the shop to get some things that I really needed like a foundation , shampoo and some other things. And i really had to buy this product that I saw.
I bought a facial mask from the brand dr.van der hoog and i love this brand.
The products are a bit exspensive and only availleble in Holland.
But if you''re in holland deffinitly buy one to try it out

about the man behind the brand : dr pieter van der hoog :  
75years ago he made the first creams made from plant extracts out of love of his wife , that had a very sensitive skin.  Pieter van der hoog was born in 1888 in the Hague and studied as a doctor in 1913.
He worked all over the world as a dermatologist, and during his travels he became more acquianted with special herbs , oils and plants extracts( which the locals used for their care.

My experience -
- the product has a thick texture
- it smells like apple yumyum
- its a real creamy product
- the product is easy to apply
- there's a lot of product in the package
- costs € 2,10
- the product is not sticky it really feels like cream
- its not that easy to wash off

Opinion about this product -
I really love this product , after I washed the product of my face felt really soft , fresh and clean.
My skin tingle's a little , but it was said on the package so thats fine.
My face feels pure and nourished after the mask.

Well this was the article,
I really hope you liked it and enjoyed watching and reading.

About Lady fabuloux

Hi there fashionlovers ,

This is the beginning of my blog and i’m so excited to begin.
I already started a few months ago but i stopped cause something happened with my dad, so im making a fresh start.
My blog will be all about  makeup , food and fashion - the things i love most.
I will test products and give my honest opinion and ofcourse give you lovely recepies that i really like.

Now I will tell a little more bout myself.
Im Rianne ,18 years old and I live in The Hague -the netherlands.
I have blond/brown hair and blue eyes and im tiny haha.
Im still in school and Im studying Social cultural worker , and thats basicly organizing activities for kids, adults and old people .
Its a real nice study and im enjoying it.

Besides that im a babysitter , and in 2011 i will start motorracing with my dad.
I love makeup and love to try new stuff (especially nailpolish and eyeshadows )
I got a boyfriend and we've been together since october 2008 and i love him very much.
We love cooking together and going out for dinner since he Works at a cafe/restaurant.

I will tell some facts about myself , its pretty hard to talk about yourself haha.
  • Im stubborn
  • My horoscope is : cancer ( 2july)
  • I got 53 nailpolishes
  • Im creative
  • I love motorcycles and grew up with cars and bikes
  • I love animals and i support the organisation WWF – World wildlife fund
  • Im bad with saving money cause i always want to buy something
  • I dont like denim jeans ,most of the time i wear tights , leggings and jeggings.
  • I got two half brothers and one half sister
  • I love smoothies and fruit
  • I adore singing
  • The reason why the blogs called Lady Fabuloux : I still remember the first time that i saw absolute fabulous but the version that i watched was french so it was called absolute fabuloux and i loved that movie. And lady stands for elegance and its very femineme.
Well thats about it i guess ,I hope you have a lot of fun with my reading my blog
Deffinitly visit once a week ! 
I will try to do 3 posts a week , if i have time i will post more.

x lots of love