29 jan. 2012

FOTD - purple eyes

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today I made a purple eye look ,
because I really wanted to play with this color and just try something out. 
This is the outcome of this little experiment and I really like it.
I still find it exciting to use these bright colors but I get more used to it now.
And I think the color looks great with my blue eyes.

As all my looks this one is pretty easy to do yourself too.
You basically need a purple eye shadow and a pink or white one.
I first applied a base all over my lid with my NYX jumbo pencil in milk. 
Then I applied a creamy white all over my eye lid.

Then I applied a bright purple in my crease and started blending this color.
I left a little space open in the inside part of my eye to keep the look bright. 
Then I added some more purple in the outer V.
To make my eyes pop a little more I used a shimmery white eye shadow on the inner tear duct , 
and a matt creamy white eye shadow on my brow bone.

On my face I used bourjois healthy remix foundation.
Under my eyes to conceal my circles I used bourjois healthy mix concealer.
And as a blush I used a light pink matt blush of the brand E.L.F. 
On the lips I used my Essence XXL nude in nr.02 Light Candy

Final Look

27 jan. 2012

HOW TO - make delicious mint tea

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today I really would like to share the most SIMPLE but delicious recipe with you guys.
I learned to drink this tea when I was a kid at a Moroccan family from my neighborhood ,
 it is just a great tea to drink and very tasty too.
Every now and then when i'm going to the market I get a bunch of these branches.

These are the branches that you use for the tea.
Depending on how strong you want your tea to be , 
you adjust the size of the branches to put into your cup.
Then you simply pour boiling water over it and then you leave the tea leaves sit for a bit.
You can also leave the branches in the cup , that's what I do.

You can add sugar if you want to , but the tea is already very tasty without sugar.
Normally I always use sugar in my tea but with this tea I don't.
Which is a great thing , no sugar is always better of course.

Now your tea is ready to drink !
Now that I told you how to make this tea I will tell you something about the Moroccan tea culture.

Moroccan tea culture 

Moroccan mint tea is a green tea with mint leaves.
It is commonly served all trough the West Arab world.
It is not only served at mealtimes but all through the day actually 
and they also drink it in the hospitals.
The tea is traditionally a man's affair , prepared by the head of the family.
It is served to guests and it's impolite to refuse drinking it.

The serving is also very special.
They pour it in small glasses from a certain distance.
By doing this they create a foam on top of the tea.

Deffinitly try this recipe out if you like mint flavored things.
This tea is just lovely and actually not bad for you , because you don't need sugar.
And its just aroma of the mint leaves , 100% natural without added chemicals or anything. 

24 jan. 2012

Outfit of the day - my favorite outfit

 Hello there lovely lady's and gents , 

Today I would like to share my favorite outfit.
An outfit that I wear so much and is just really comfy and looks chic.
It is soooo bad , but I wear this outfit one time in two weeks.
Or just wear the blouse with a pencil skirt.
So check my favorite outfit ! 

This picture is made in my spare room so that explains the mess haha. 
This is not my bedroom !

I paired the blouse with some leggings from Zara , which I basically live in.
I only wear these leggings and sometimes jeans , 
but they are just so comfy and easy to wear.

This is my room haha , but I really love this blouse.
And I am so happy that I got this blouse from my boyfriend.
He bought it for me and he loves the blouse too.

The blouse is just so easy to wear and looks so pretty I think.
And I also love to wear this blouse with some gold jewels.

My face of the day : 
Mac All that glitters eye shadow on my eye lid.
Winged eye with black eye shadow
Mascara on upper lashes
Bourjois healthy mix foundation 
Sleek blush in a hot pink color
E.L.F. lip plumping lip gloss 

And I just wore my hair in a center parting.
That is about it , just a simple look that I love to wear.
I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading and watching.

Mask time - Van der Hoog Crazy Cranberry Mask

 Hello ladies and gents , 
Today's article is about a mask that I got.
 And it is just such an amazing mask and 
I thought it would be great to share this with you guys.
I am talking about the Van der Hoog Crazy Cranberry mask !
Overall I really love their masks and use them quite a lot.
They are at a nice price range , have GREAT masks and great quality too.
Without further a do..  I will review this one for you guys and tell you all about this product.

What does this products do  
Crazy Cranberry 
Let's go crazy !
Spoil your face with this great Crazy Cranberry mask.
THE perfect mask for extra protection and nourishing for your skin.
Cranberries are naturally full of vitamins.
They will give you just that little extra that your skin sometimes needs.
After this mask your skin feels super soft and supple.

How to use the product
Clean your face and apply the mask to your face.
Do not apply the mask on your eyes and around your mouth.
Relax for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse the mask off with warm water.
For best result use this mask on a daily base.

The mask is ready to use and it feeds and protects your skin.
One sachet of this mask is 10 ml and costs €2,19
You can deffinitly share this mask as a lot of other masks.
So this would be great to use if your chilling with a friend or just on a girls night.

The packaging 
I absolutely love the packaging.
It looks so attracting and immidiatly draws your attention.
It has a gorgeous warm red color, and  the package looks young and fresh.
It has some great cranberries on the package which looks very pretty and chic.

Also the size of package works and the sachet is great.
The sachet comes in a paper sleeve which looks very nice.
It's easy to open and the sachet has all to needed info on the back
You do have to cut the sachet open , I tried to open it with my hands but it costs a lot of strength.
But that is basically the only thing I can think of that I don't like about the package.

I love the structure deffinitly. 
It has a rich creamy structure and it feels very smooth.
The structure is perfect because it is not too thick and not too thin. 
Which makes the application so much easier.


I LOVE this product for application.
Because of it's smoothness it is so easy to apply this product on to your face.
It is not too thick and not too thin , just the perfect structure.
And it is easy to spread the mask on to your face.
With your fingers or a brush , both will work great.

My opinion about the product
Personally I love this masks.
My skin deffinitly felt smooth , soft and nourished 
Also the structure of the mask and the smell is a thing that I really liked.
And because of the easy application it doesn't take too much time to apply.
So you can easily do this mask when your on the computer or just to relax a bit.

Mask time !

Unfortunately this product is only available  in : Holland 
But maybe you can ask a dutch friend to order/buy it for you. 
You can take a look at their website

Or visit one of these shops : 
Dio drogisterij 
Dirx drogist
O'chelle drogisterij 
Uw eigen drogist 
or at Van der Hoog 24/7 shop

Deffinitly buy one of these masks because they are just so good for your face.
My overall advice is just nourish your face one a week 
or if you can't try to do it once per 2 weeks.
Deffinitly with the winter and wind your face needs some extra attention.
And face masks are basically perfect for this , combined with a day and night cream.
Well this was it actually and I hope you liked it !

17 jan. 2012

Model in picture - francisco lachowski

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Todays article is about this lovely model called Fransisco Lachowski.
He is personally one of my favorite male models and he just looks gorgeous.
And I thought it would be great to share this piece of eye candy with you guys.
Because he is just so photogenic and works for great designers like 
Versace , Armani and Cavalli for example.

Basic information 
Born : May 13 , 1991 (aged 20)
Curitiba , Brazil 
Height : 6 ft 3 in  / 1.90 metres 
Hair color : Brown
Eye color : Brown 
Shoe size : 10,5 / 43
Agency : Ford Models

Oke I am going to leave you with these pictures.
Because I have nothing more to see about this cutie.
Enjoy ladies and gents ! 

 Nom nom nom nom ! 
Hope you enjoyed that.
Please follow my blog and thank you very much for reading.