29 jan. 2011


Hi gorgeous , 
Sorry that I havnt been updating anything , I had a little problem at home.
I'm all good now , and I'll be uploading stuff from Monday.
Here's a part 2 , of GORGEOUS MAN 
I bet you will like it , 

I hope you liked it , 
keep on following my blog !
WITH LOTS and lots of love , 
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23 jan. 2011

HOW TO - wear red lipstick

Hi lovely ladies (and guys ) 

Today i'm writing this article about : 
how to wear red lipstick.
Basicly everyone can wear red lips , you only have to find the right color. 
A red lipstick thats fits you will make your teeth whiter and your skin more vivid.

So have a look and give the red lip a try, cause every woman looks gorgeous with some red lips and a pair of heels. 

First of all I will tell you a little bit about skin tones.
You got two groups - Cool skintones and Warm skintones.

Cool skin tones - the skin has a little pink in their skin.
(these people will burn easily) 

People who look good in silver and not too great in gold , but also people who look better in ash colors. 
Most of the time your vains will be blue ( take a look at your wrist)
Cools look better in white as opposed to ivory. And they look awesome in black.
You also have a cool skin tone if you look good in these colors : 

Warm skin tones - the skin has a yellow undertone or golden undertone. ( these people will tan easily)

If you have a warm skintone gold will look better on you better then silver jewelry.
You look more beautifull in golden haircolors then in ash haircolors.
Most of the time your vains will be green ( take a look at your wrist)
Warms look better in ivory over white and washed out in black.
You also have a warm skin tone if you look good in these colors : 

How to wear red lipstick 

- First of all - scrub your lips with lipscrub or a toothbrush and brush your lips gently.
This will make you lips soft and more healthy after that you apply your lipmoisturizer.

- Apply a thin layer of foundation or  a lipprimer. This will give you a base to start and the lipstick will stay on much longer.

- Then line your lips or you can color your lips completely with your lippencil. 
- After that you can apply a coat of the lipstick.
- Then blot your lips with a tissue  
- Then apply another thin layer.
- Extra - wear a lipgloss on top in blank or the same color as the lipstick. 

Which color will suite you ? 

Light skin - Try out koral and fruity roered tones.
The will give you a color boost without dominating your whole face.

Olive skin - With this skin tone you can wear all kinds of reds , from bright red to cranberry reds.

Dark skin - Rick bordeauz tones and warm stone reds will suite you the best. 

Here are some other girls that are rocking the red lip. 
Leighton Meester
Megan fox with perfect red lips , she is stunning

Moddel with gorgeous voluptuous red lips.   
With a dark red lip , reminds me op red wine.
 Dior red lip 
 Anna Selezneva with red lip for Dior 
Megan Fox ( i love her ) , with a great dress and red lip
hayden panettiere

Chanel lipstick - Noir , a real dark red lipstick
Kim Kardashian with a gorgeous red lip

And here a picture of  my with red lips.
 I love the look , it can make an outfit look so much different. 
This time I paired it with a jeanslegging and a white shirt , on top of that I had a vest.
And this is the picture with my wearing my leather jacket with my circle scarf.

I hope you liked this article and that it helped you alot.
And I also hope that you can all look gorgeous with fabulous hot red lipstick.

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x

Jamie lidell and stuff - AMAZING songs

Hi guys , 

I just wanted to share some real music with you guys , I think this man makes amazing songs. 
Lovely musicvideos , he has an original soul / jazzy voice and I love his music alot. 
I also want to share a few other videos with you guys that I really like. 
Have a look, sit back and enjoy !! 

Another day 

Little bit of feel good


Game for fools

And a few videos I really like  
Peter doherty and Coco summer - Bohemian love 
This song makes me want the summer to come even more.
A glass of wine, nice music on , sitting in the sun on the beach or in the garden.
In a bikini top and shorts. <3
Pff just another few months. 

I love this guy , Paolo nutini , he's stunning makes gorgeous songs and has an unique voice. 
His voice gives me the chills. 

 A top40 songs - the script with for the first time. 
I just love this song,  the melody is just gorgeous , EVEN my boyfriend knows the melody and lyrics haha. 

Tim & Jean - Come Around.
This song is amazing , the music is kinda underground. 
They are called Tim & Jean , check them out. 
They remind me of MGMT , that kinda style. 

Jessie J - Do it like a dude ( acoustic )
Oh My God , this girl .... damn 
Her voice gives me the chills , just amazing girl. 
She's unique , rough , classy , I really like her. 
Check her out - Jessie J

I have a waking up routine , 
The first 2 minutes I open my eyes , and put my tv on , on MTV.
Often when I put MTV on this song shows up and it just makes my day.
Only thing is that this song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day but heey its a good song so I dont care haha. 

That was it , I hope you enjoyed the songs,
What are your favorite songs now ?
Leave a comment in the comment section bellow : ) 

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x


Hi guys ,

Today's article is about my haul.
Two days ago I ordered some stuff on aliceandjohavesentials.nl  cause I really wanted to try oiut the barry M nailpolishes , so I ordered 3 of them. I also ordered these lipbalms from EOS.

They are 100 % natural and I really love that, nowdays we really have to be aware of nature and the environment. So I deffinitly try to be more environmentally friendly. 
By unplug the plugs from the wall if i'm not using it for example my speakers of the computer , or 
and  don't leave the tap open for too long , but also being aware of what i'm eating : is it natural , did the animals had a good life , and is it honest food ? 

I also went  to the second hand store and I absolutely love the second hand store , I often find awesome items like blazers,cute dresses but also amazing vests or bags. 
I always go with my mum and we have 2 secondhand shops in the neighborhood so thats really nice. 
This time I bought 2 clothing items and plates * i'm collecting a special crockery* . 
And last but not least , I went to the drugstore were I bought a few items.
So have a look.

This is what I bought online 
EOS lipbalm in sweet mint

Eos lipbalm in Pomegranate Raspberry

Barry M nailpolish in - Turkoise

Barry m nailpolish in - Limited edition Pink

Barry M nailpolish in - Strawberry Ice Cream

And this is what I bought in the second hand shop
I bought a cute red blouse and a lovely vest with some awesome details. 
So have a look 

And last but not least the things I bought at the drugstore. 
I bought 2 body butters which where € 1,50 each which is an amazing deal , I also bought 2 matching body lotions which where also €1,50 each. 
And I bought the showergel of the mango and papaya range. 
I also bought a new toothpaste, a nude nailpolish and 2 lovely niveau soaps which where €0,79 cent. 

click to enlarge
click to enlarge
click to enlarge


 This is the body butter , it has a great smell and the texture is really thick
It smells like sheabutter and coconut and it promise you to get a soft and smooth skin. 

 This is the texture of the bodylotion , its just like any bodylotion a nice and "thin "texture.
Its easy to apply and easy to smugde on your body. 

These are some gorgeous soaps , they smell sooo delicious. 
I wish that I could jump into your computer and let you smell the soap. 
One smells like passion fruit with a milky touch and the other one smells like green tea with cucumbers. 
I love these smells and the soaps are care-soaps. So the clean and pamper your skin. 
The most amazing of this whole soap is , that the are 79 eurocent. Thats less that 1 euro , isnt that amazing ? 

Well this was my haul , I would like to make a video next time but its hard to make a setup for the camera. 
Anyways I hope you really liked it , and deffinilty keep on following cause there's more to come. 
Next week I'm going to shop with my cousin and his girlfriend ( and ofcourse with my boyfriend ) 
So there will be a clothing haul , cause i'm dieing to shop haha. 

With lots of love , x