21 mrt. 2011

About me - 13 questions

Hi guys ,
Today I have 13 questions to awnser. 
I just love these survey's 

1.Do you have a middle name?

2. What was your favourite subject in school?
English and Art

3. What's your favourite drink?

Ice tea and iced coffee.

4. Favourite song at the moment?
Jessie J and B.O.B with price tag and Alexis Jordan with Happiness

5. What would you name your children?
I have no idea actually

6. Do you participate in any sports?

7. Favourite Book?

Why French woman don’t get fat , you deffinitly gotta read it.

8. Favourite Colour?
Turkoise and Peach

9. Favourite Animal?

I love all animals , but I love cats cause they are so funny , my favorite cat is "the savannah cat ".
And I think wolves and foxes are gorgeous.

10. Favourite perfume?
I cannot choose so I’ll give my top 3
Chanel Chance
Gucci Rush 2
Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb

11. Favourite holiday?
France , I just love France. 
It is just a gorgeous stunning country , the temperature is great.

12. Have you graduated High School?
Yes , I did. 

13. Have you been out of the Country?
Yeah a lot of times , I’ve been to England , Germany , Belgium , France and Spain

14. Do you speak any other Languages?
English ofcourse and I can find my way in German.

15. Do you have any siblings?
Yes I got two (half) brothers and one (half)  sister , but I see them as my REAL sister and brothers.

16. What's your favourite store?
PRIMARK , H&M , ZARA , Alicejohavesentials

17. Favourite Restaurant?
The Greek restaurant downtown

18. Do you like school?
No haha , cause my school is on hell of un-organized crapy school.

19. Favourite YouTubers?
Beautycrush , Zoella , The Uglyfix , Pixiwoo , pixi2woo.

20. Favourite Movie?
I have a lot of favorite movies , I cant choose.
I do love the shrek and ice age movies haha. 
But I also like "war"movies cause i'm interested in history. 
So I like "We were Soldiers " and " saving private ryan"

21. Favourite Tv show?

Two and a Half man , How I met your mother , The Unit , NCIS , CSI , Law & Order.
Friends etc.etc

22. Pc or Mac?
PC deffinitly

23. What phone do you have?

I actually am searching for my phone haha , but if I will find my phone , I have a Samsung Star.
But when my boyfriend telephone subscription ends I’m getting his iphone.

24. How tall are you?

You mean how little are you haha.
I’m like a ini-mini dwarf.
I’m 1,65cm

Well that were the 13 questions. 
I hope you liked it and have a GREAT day. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x 


Hi beauty's ,

Today I went to the city with my boyfriend and bough a few things. 
I went to Lush and bought two products that I really wanted to buy for a while.
I bought two products a toner and a hairmask. 

LUSH - tea tree water - toner

The first product that I bought was this toner.
It is a face toner and it's absolutely GREAT. 
When you use this toner it makes your skin feel SO soft and clean. 

This is what the product promises you according to Lush : 

Tea tree Water is our strong toner for a normal to oily skin.
Specially great for a young skin with pimples or complexions.
The tea tree oil has a few functions : it cleans and has a disinfecting function.
We also added uplifting grapefruit and detoxifying juniper. 
Really effective , though we say so ourselves.
Use the toner after you cleaned your face , to remove every last bits.

My opinion about the product - Lush Tea Tree Water ( toner ) 

The product

- there's a lot of product in the bottle and contains:250g 
- the product does not smell chemical. 
- the product is homemade
- the product is not tested on animals as lush says 
 We test on Japanese and English people - 
NOT on animals
- the product is eco friendly
- the product is 100% vegan , so it's great for vegetarians and vegans
- the product is very liquid and easy to spray on your face

The price
- the price isn't that bad - 10,95 for 250 gr. 

The package 
- Lush uses recycled material , 90 % ( of weight ) is recycled.
- the package looks chic , nice and black.
- the product sits in a great spray. 
- because of the spray the product is very easy to use 

- the product makes my skin super clean
- the product is economical
- the product is long lasting

 Would I buy the product again 
Deffinitly, cause the product makes my skin feel so good.
And I love it that the product is homemade and not tested on animals. 

The Marilyn Hair Mask 

And now the other product that I bough : The Marilyn Hair mask for blondes. 
I wanted this mask for ages but never walked into the lush store to buy it. 
But today I did haha , cause I really forced myself this time. 

And the mask is just GREAT , it makes my hair soft and shiny. 
And my hair looks and feels nourishes and restored.

This is what Lush says about the Marilyn Hairmask.
Chamomille , Lemon and Saffron makes blond hair even lighter : not a drastic colourchange , but a gradually effect. Immidiatly you will get soft hair ( because of the flaxseed gel ) and it shines beautifully ( because of the fresh lemonjuice ). Use the product regularly and your summerblonde.
Get a proper ammount of product and massage it into your hair , let it set for 20 minutes and rinse it off.

My opinion about the product - Lush Marilyn hair mask

The product

- it does a great job for my hair
- the product does not smell chemical. 
- the product is homemade
- the product is not tested on animals as lush says ( because of this line I laughed my ass of ) 
   We test on Japanese and English people - NOT on animals haha. 
- the product is eco friendly
- the product is 100% vegan , so it's great for vegetarians and vegans
- the product isn't thick but kinda liquid
- the product is easy to use

The price
- the price is a little expensive - 12,95 for 225 gr. 

The package 
- Lush uses recycled material , 90 % ( of weight ) is recycled.
- the package looks chic , nice and black.
- the product sits in pot with a screwing lid 
- it's great to use ( outside of the shower though )
- the package is hygienic ( IF you use a scoop )  

- the product makes my hair super soft
- the product makes my hair nourished 
- the product is economical

 Would I buy the product again 
Yes I would , cause this product is a great hair mask for blondes. 
It nourishes my hair and feeds it. I love this mask. 

So these were the products I bought 
and i'm very happy with them. 
Both of these products were €23,90 euro ,
 a little expensive but I think it's worth the money. 


So straight up to my vest that I bought at the newlook.
The vest that I bought was 15 euro and I lovelovelovelove it. 
It's so nice, comfy and warm and it's great for when it's a little chilly. 
The vest is gray with silver and it's woolen.

 And this is the shirt I ordered at H&M and it finally arrived , yeahhhhhhhhh. 
It's so gorgeous , it looks weird though on the picture.
The shirt is tight around the waist and boobies and the sleeves are batwinged and the colour is just stunning. 

Well that was it actually , 
I really hope you liked it and that it helped you out. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x 

20 mrt. 2011

STASH - my lipsticks and glosses

Hi ladies and gentleman ,

Todays article I will show you my lipsticks and lipglosses.
I dont have a lot cause I gave away alotta stuff and there are alot of lipstick on my musthave list.
So have a look to my lipglosses and sticks.

This is how I stash my Lip glosses : 
In a box with a cute roses pattern 
I bought this box at the Xenos ( dutch store ) 

These are my lip glosses 
As you can see I don't have that many lip glosses cause I don't wear them very often.

My Lipglosses
NYX - Real Nude - nr 34
NYX - Mauve - nr 06
NYX - Doll Pink - nr 08
NYX - Queen Africa - nr 14
Estee Lauder - Pink Coral - nr 311
NYX - Peach - nr 13
Biyu - colour unkwown
Chanel - nr 108

Rituals - Clear - nr 7116 (?)

Rituals - Eve's kiss (lip treatment apple-karité) 

My Lipsticks
( I have so many on my must have- list )

Gosh - Barbie - nr 30 
NYX - Circe - nr 522
NYX - Orange Soda - nr 588
NYX - Tea Rose - nr 628
Clinique - Pink Whisper - nr 98
NYX - Chaos - nr 511

This is a list of my musthave lipsticks : 
Mac : creme d'nude , hue , shy girl
Estee Lauder : pink sand 
YSL : Sensual silk
Revlon : Cherries in the snow 
Sleek : True colour lipstick - Fuchsia
and sleek cover lipstick - Satin
 and ALOT of NYX lipsticks and glosses

Well this was it , these were my lipsticks and glosses.
I hope you liked it , and when I buy a new one I will review the lipstick ,show some swatches and give my honest opinion about the product. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x