26 feb. 2012

NOTD - Genius in the bottle

Hello lovely girls and fella's 
Today I bought a new nail polish and I was SO excited when I saw this color.
It just caught my eye in a split second and it won me over.
The color is just SO freaking amazing and special.
This nail polish is so gorgeous on your nails.
And when you see this polish you won't believe your eyes.

It's a nail polish of the brand 
( that you probably know right now because I have a ton of nail polishes of them ) , Catrice.
And the nail polish is called : Genius in the Bottle

- And I think this is the perfect name for it.

The color is gorgeous as you can see.
It's a gold , green , blue nail polish that sorta changes color when you move your hands.
This really reminds me of an oil spot on the ground , when it rained and the water mixes with the oil...
Oke.. that maybe sounds so weird but you'll probably know what I mean haha. 
It alsolooks a little like coper , because it has some orange teints in it too.
Well I just can't explain this color !
Just see for your self and you will probably fall in love too.

It is maybe weird to say but I think this would be actually my favorite nail polish. 
The color is just so different not the regual , red , black or pink.
Just something totally different.
Normally I also like army green , gold or oily sorta nail polishes.
But this nail polish beats them all ! 

When I wore this today I just couldn't stop moving my hands so guess all the colors.
And I got a lot of compliments like , wow thats a special nail polish can I see it closer ?
And also this colors really fits my wardrobe if that makes any sense haha.
I wear a lot of blacks , white's and nude colors and this matches all these colors.

Quick Swatch
Sorry for the bad nail polishing work but I was in a hurry haha. 

Well I deffinitly recommend this nail polish.
If you are looking for something special then this is absolutely the color for you.
It only costs €2,49 and is availleble in : 
The Netherlands , Belgium , Germany , Austria and a few more country's I think.
And if you don't have a shop that sells Catrice ..
just try to find someone who is willing to send you the product.