5 feb. 2012

REVIEW - ELF plumping lip glaze

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today I will be reviewing this product of the brand ELF.
It is their Plumping Lip Glaze and I was so curious if it would actually work.
I think the brand has great products for a absurd price 
and I was always skeptic about this brand.
I mean how can make up be any good if it's SO cheap.

When I did a little research I found out that the owner of this brand highly skimped on packaging.
Which does show a little and instead of putting a mirror with their eye shadows or blushes ,
they skipped that too. Just to lower the costs of the products.
So you actually only pay for the product and a little for the packaging.
Which is most of the time in cartons.

I got it in the color Wink Pink nr.2911 which is a light pink color.

Wink Pink nr.2911

The lip plumper has two sides one color side and one shiny lip gloss side.
As you can see the lip gloss packaging is quite easy but it works for me.
I got no problems with this packaging.

These are the colors of both the sides of the lip gloss.
One is a sweet light pink and the other one is a pearly clear gloss to put over the pink lip gloss.
I really like these colors and think the combination looks great.
And the pink colors is more a hint of colors to your lips instead of being really bright.
Which I like because I can wear this lip gloss at a daily base now.

The applicator is just a simple and plain applicator.
It doesn't work miracles but it does the job well enough.
I have no problems with this applicator because it will get the colors on your lips.

The lip gloss gives your lips a nice gloss and plumps your lips a bit.
I don't know what is in the lip gloss but it makes your lips feel tingly.
In the beginning it "burns" a little , almost like a mint lip balm or gloss.
Those also make your lips feel tingly and there is actually mint in the gloss.
But I kind of like this about the lip gloss and I think it works well.

And makes your lips look fuller. 
Don't know if its the mint or another chemical in it.
But I like this lip plumper and it only costs €1,-
I would buy this one again , because it's really easy to take this gloss with you.
It smells nice and it makes your lips look great.

On my lips