16 feb. 2012

NOTD - no mambo jambo

Hello lovely ladies and gents ,
Today's article is a nail of the day because I didn't did that in such a long time.
A week a go I went to the city and found this GORGEOUS nail polish at H&M.
Normally I am not that interested in their polishes but when I saw this one I just NEEDED it.

The polish is in a sorta square glass package.
I like these packages , because the look really modern.
Only minus point is that the applicator is hard to hold because ,
it is not round like the usual nail polishes that I own.
But maybe this is just a thing that I have to get used to.

The nail polish apply's very good and you only need two layers.
One is also good but to make the color pop I always use two layers.
I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this color and actually I can't even tell you how much I love this color.
It is just absolutely stunning a sorta teal-ish color with a green and gold sheen.
I don't know why but this colors reminds me of mermaids haha.

The nail polish is called : 
No Mambo Jambo 
And the price is also great €3,95
Which is a great deal for a 9 ML nail polish that is so freakin lovely.


Do I recommend this nail polish ?
You can just buy this nail polish at the h&m webshop or at their store's !
Seriously get this nail polish becuase I think it is my new favorite color haha.