30 dec. 2010

Sleek eye shadow palettes - original and storm palette

Hi there beauty ,

As a told you guys , i got two new palettes from sleek which I ordered at alicejohavesentials.nl
And im so excited to share this with you guys and i can reallly recommand this to you all.
The palettes are just gorgeous and pigmented and CHEAP its incredible.
So here are some pictures of the palettes.

Sleek palette - Original nr.594 and Storm nr. 578

These palettes are so freaking pretty and the quality is just amazing.
The eye shadows are really pigmented and that's always a good thing.

You can find information about where to order them in my article of the other gorgeous palette  :
I dont even have words for these gorgeous palettes.
Its just so unbelievable that this palette costs €7,25 and that the quality is so high.

Well this was a really short article but I hope you liked it.
And I hope you liked reading and watching the article.