30 dec. 2010

Pier angeli

Hello gorgeous , 
I've always been fascinated by old stars and fashion icons 
So today's article is about the gorgeous Italian film actress :
Pier Angeli

Pier Angeli (Anna Maria Pierangelli)

This beauty was born on 19 july 1932 in the city
Cagliari , Sardinia - Italy.
Acting career
Angeli made her film debut with Domani é troppo tardi,  after being spotted by directors Leonide Moguy and Vittiorio de Sica. She was discoverd by Hollywood and MGM launched her in her first american movie, Terasa in the year 1951. After that she appeared in the movies : The story of 3 loves , Flame and the Flesh , The Silver Chalice  and the vintage. During the 60's till 1970 , she returned to live and work in Europe.
After a few movies her acting career might revive when she was picked to play a role in The Godfather , but she died soon before they started filming.

Personal Life
Anna Maria had two sisters , one twin sister called Marisa and her other sister Patrizia.
Both of the sister also became actresses.Anna came from a Catholic family.
When Anna was 16 years old she studied Arts in Rome.

Love Life
.He was starting his career in Hollywood and would became a big legend of all times. His name was James Dean , and he was working on his first movie : East of Eden. The attraction between the two was immediate. They somehow completed each other , for whil he was wild and rebellious, she was peacefull. She could bring him the stability he didnt have and could bring him hun and excitement to her life.

One day after shooting , a gorgeous young actor working on a nearby set 
stopped by to visit Newman and another friend. They introduced Angeli. It was a meetin that would change both of their lives.

Little by little , dean became more gentle and easygoing under Angeli 's influence. Friends say he even wore a tuxedo for the first time to accompany her to a premiere.
For a short time they had an romantic relationship but it wasnt all that perfect.
 There was Angeli's controlling and domineering mother , who did not consider Dean suitable for her daughter and forbade her to see him.  

Angeli wanted to marry Dean and he was afraid to loose his freedom. He was not ready for marriage and Angeli believed that because of his doubts he did not love her. All the pressure took his toll in the relationship and they ened their relationship. After they broke up Angeli married Damone and at their wedding Dean was sitting on his bike infront of the church. He drove away with high speed and since their break up Dean was desolate and broken-hearted.

Vic Damone

After that she went on to marry singer and actor Vic Damone. She gave birth to her son , Perry Farinla. After a while the couple divorced .

Armando Trovaiolli

Her second marriage was to an Italian composer called Armando Trovaioli , she gave birth to her second son Andrew.
Sadly Anna Maria Angelli died of an accidental barbiturate overdose.

She was such a beautifull and elegant woman , she is deffinitly an beauty icon.
At least in my opinion <3
Well this was the article and I  really hope you liked it.