28 dec. 2010

Review - Sleek limited edition sparkle palette

Hello beauty's ,

I really wanted to review this for you guys cause i LOVE THIS palette.
There are such beautifull colours in it and I really wanted to share this with you.
The colours are so pigmented 
and pretty so let get on to the review.

this palette gorgeous !?
Its perfect to create a classic smockey eye but also a purple or navy smockey eye.
I will post a look with this palette later on this week.

You can order these beauty's on - www.sleekmakeup.com
They will ship to uk , europe , and international (except africa) .
A palette cost €8,50 ,which is 70 cents per eyeshadow
so thats a really good deal for gorgeous pigmented eyeshadows.

I got another site , they do ship to other country's in europe only thing is the website is dutch, but the palettes are cheaper.
You can order at this website - http://www.alicejohavesentials.nl/
A palette cost € 7,25 - which is 60 cents per eyeshadow , isnt that unbelievable
except the Sparkle limited edition palette that one costs € 7,95

Deffinitly take a look at the websites cause the palette are just gorgeous.
I ordered two more palettes , original and storm so I will do a post when they arrive.
I hope you liked reading and enjoyed watching the pictures.