28 dec. 2010

About Lady fabuloux

Hi there fashionlovers ,

This is the beginning of my blog and i’m so excited to begin.
I already started a few months ago but i stopped cause something happened with my dad, so im making a fresh start.
My blog will be all about  makeup , food and fashion - the things i love most.
I will test products and give my honest opinion and ofcourse give you lovely recepies that i really like.

Now I will tell a little more bout myself.
Im Rianne ,18 years old and I live in The Hague -the netherlands.
I have blond/brown hair and blue eyes and im tiny haha.
Im still in school and Im studying Social cultural worker , and thats basicly organizing activities for kids, adults and old people .
Its a real nice study and im enjoying it.

Besides that im a babysitter , and in 2011 i will start motorracing with my dad.
I love makeup and love to try new stuff (especially nailpolish and eyeshadows )
I got a boyfriend and we've been together since october 2008 and i love him very much.
We love cooking together and going out for dinner since he Works at a cafe/restaurant.

I will tell some facts about myself , its pretty hard to talk about yourself haha.
  • Im stubborn
  • My horoscope is : cancer ( 2july)
  • I got 53 nailpolishes
  • Im creative
  • I love motorcycles and grew up with cars and bikes
  • I love animals and i support the organisation WWF – World wildlife fund
  • Im bad with saving money cause i always want to buy something
  • I dont like denim jeans ,most of the time i wear tights , leggings and jeggings.
  • I got two half brothers and one half sister
  • I love smoothies and fruit
  • I adore singing
  • The reason why the blogs called Lady Fabuloux : I still remember the first time that i saw absolute fabulous but the version that i watched was french so it was called absolute fabuloux and i loved that movie. And lady stands for elegance and its very femineme.
Well thats about it i guess ,I hope you have a lot of fun with my reading my blog
Deffinitly visit once a week ! 
I will try to do 3 posts a week , if i have time i will post more.

x lots of love