31 dec. 2010

Eye look - navy and gold

Hi there lady , 
Today I made two looks with my new eyeshadow palette from Sleek. 
And everyday I love this palettes even more ahaha. 
I hope you like the looks and will experience with your own eyeshadows cause you dont HAVE to use the sleek eyeshadow palette any other brand is good as well. 
I was inspired by today cause its Newyearseve and I think these colours fit in the theme perfectly. 
This is the look that I made with the Sleek - orginnal Palette nr.594
I used :
Sleek palette - storm nr. 578
Sephora - smoothing primer
Maybeline Superstay 24 hr
And I used my Zoeva brushes
colours tha tI used from the Sleek palette

These are the pencils that I used to achieve this eyelook

It was a quite short article but I really hope you liked reading it.
And that you enjoyed watching.