22 apr. 2011

HOT - spring/summer hats

Hi dolls ,  

Today's article is about SPRING/SUMMER hats.
I've been loving this "trend" for a long time but was always afraid to wear a hat.
But last year I bought my first little sun hat and I love it ever since.
Yesterday I found a GREAT hat and i'm in love with the hat. 

 This trend is also followed by a lot of celeberties , some to prevent the paparazzi and being undercover but also just for completing the style. 
It's fashionable , easy to wear with outfits and great to prevent getting a sunstroke or headaches. Also very handy if your lying on the beach with your hat on and sunglasses , you could check the boys easily haha. 

Here are some celebs that are definitely pulling of the trend ! 

These hats are available at : Zara , H&M , ASOS and a lot of other shops
This is a small sample of the hats that are available and wish I could have them all , dont you ?
I think it looks so chic , stylish and old school . 

I love this trend , who's with me ?
Every closet should have a hat or cap , great for sunny days. 
I hope you liked this article and enjoyed it ! 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x