22 apr. 2011

REVIEW- catrice mascara - Lashes to kill and Length

Hi ladies and gentleman , 

Todays article is about two new mascara's that I bought. 
I really needed new mascara cause my other one is gonna die soon haha. 
So I bought two Catrice mascara's to try out. 

I bought these two : 
Catrice Lashes to kill and Our best LENGTH ever 

Here are the pictures of the mascara and the mascara brissels. 
Also a photo of my eye , before and after.

Catrice cosmetics - Lashes to kill - eyeopening mascara
Whats on the package : 
Dramatize your eyes ! For ultra thick , ultra long , ultra curled and brighter eyes within seconds. 

Catrice cosmetics - Our best LENGTH ever ! 
Whats on the package : 
Expressive look: the curved flexi brush and the formula enriched with nylon have an ultra lengthening effect, defining each lash from root to tip they give natural volume.

My opinion about both these mascara's : 
The product
Both of the mascara's are really creamy , and easy to apply. 
This brand is really cheap so great for students or people that don't have a big budget for makeup. 

The price
GREAT haha. 
This brand is really budget friendly ,  
Both of the mascara cost €4,99 , which is a great deal for a mascara.

The package
I think the package doesn't look cheap AT ALL. 
Some brands are really cheap and do look cheap to but this isn't the case.

Lashes to kill - the packaging looks really chic , I think it's very up-to-date and its great to hold in your hands. 

Length - the packaging looks hip and caught my eye , the package looks fresh with it's yellow case.

The product stays in place for a pretty long time. 
The length mascara does tend to get lumps at the end of your lashes if you apply to much. 
The lashes to kill mascara is great ,easy to apply , great brush and easy to hold.
Of course these mascara's aren't compatible with high end brands like Chanel or Dior but GREAT drugstore product. 

Would I buy the product again ?  
Definitely, I would buy the Lashes to kill mascara again. 
The length mascara is to lumpy I think for my lashes , maybe this will work for darker lashes.
I have really blond lashes and I need a lot of mascara to cover all the blond hairs. 
So this isn't my mascara but I would buy the lashes to kill mascara again. 

On the left : Length
On the right : Lashes to kill 

I hope you liked the article and that it helped you out ! 

With lots and lots of love , 

Rianne x