3 apr. 2011

MAYOR HAUL - primark , h&m , sephora , lemon etc

Hi lovely ladies and gents  , 

Today I have some things that I would like to share.
This week I bought a lot of stuff in a lot of shops and I would like to share this haul with you all
 ( that rhymes haha ) 
So I will show you swatches and give information if it's necessary ! 
So here are my pictures swatches and so on. 

I bought this essence nail stamp set to try out and  I love it. 

 I love these cups for drinking tea so I bought another one. 

my new rosary's , i love these kind of chains. One is a pearl necklace and the other one with black beads.

Olive and milk and honey showergel.
I love the smell of milk and honey yumyumyum.

My herb growing bags , im planting my own herbs. 
In my planter I now have : chives , basil and cress seeds.

My new catrice nailpolish. I saw that they launced a whole bunch of new colours and im in love with them.
So i'm deffinitly gonna buy alot of them haha. 
I now have number 410 - Pool party at night. It's a gorgeous bright blue colour. 

This is my new basket , i'll store my beauty products in here like my extra face and body creams and such.. 

I went to the secondhand shop with my mum and found these two gorgeous things.
A velvet vest with gorgeous knitted lace.
And this gorgeous blazer with a beautiful elegant pattern.

 When I saw these earrings I fell in love , I absolutely love peacocks feathers cause they have such an amazing feather colouring and pattern. So I had to buy them haha.

These are all my new lipcare products.
Two Vaseline tins and a tin from h&m with has a minty smell to it. 
I love these new products especially the Vaseline products.
I recommand the vaseline products to you all ! 

My two gorgeous new bikini's in gray and black. 
I couldnt choose and since they are from primark I took them both cause they were so cheap haha. 

I bought new bobby pins with bows on them and these bright colored rubber bands.

I bought new sleeping shorts , and I absolutely love these they fit so nice and are really comfy. 
And I bought these new thongs they suit me well and they are comfy as well ! 

I bought 2 pair of shorts , cause I really needed them and since the temparture is rising because it's spring I purchased myself these 2 pair.

I bought this cute cute cute belt with a knitted lace pattern as well. I love this cute little belt. 

I bought three pair of these thights and they are the best , they are not sheer at all and as a "bigger" person this is GREAT haha.

I bought these facial wipes cause they are really easy to take with you in your bag and wipe your face when u feel dirty or wipe your hands.

My new sephora products. 

My new lip products.
Well this was my MAYOR haul haha. 
I definitely enjoyed shopping this month and I bought amazing things and i'm very happy with them all. 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x