19 apr. 2011

REVIEW - Sephora eye shadows

Hi guys and girls , 
Todays article is about my Sephora eye shadows.
I absolutely love these eyeshadow and use them on a daily base.
 I have six colors and they are great ! 
So have a look at my review on these gorgeous eye shadows. 

These are the colors that I own.
From left to right : 
Tiny bubbles N'12
Carine N'26
Aspen summit N-23

My favorite jeans N'40
Stephane N'38
Mystery forest N'46

Swatches of the first row of eye shadows.
The lighter colors. 

Tiny bubbles N'12

Aspen summit N-23

Carine N'26

Swatches of the second row of eye shadows.
The darker colors.

My favorite jeans N'40

Stephane N'38

 Mystery forest N'46

My opinion about all these eyeshadows : 
The product
They color range goes from shimmery to glitter , from matt to Frosted eye shadows.
It is a long lasting product which is easy to grab. The glitter eye shadows are really chunky/choppy and uneven but great to wear with a primer or base. 

The price
The price of these eye shadows is a good compromise between drugstore price and high end prices.
These eye shadows are a little expensive for singles , but if your living in Holland you should go to the " prijzencircus" this will save you a lot of money. I think the single eye shadows are about 12 to 14 euro !?

The package
The packaging looks just normal I think - SHINY BLACK- 
The eye shadows are easy to take because they are small. You can see the color through the "little glass" which is really easy. You can easily pick your eye shadow because you can see the color very good
The package is round and easy to open ! 

The product does stay long on your eyes - even longer with primer
The eyeshadows feel  nice on your eyes but the eye shadows are a little rough. With big glitters in them.  You don't get a lot of fall out from your brush which is a big big bonus. 

Would I buy the product again ?  

Definitely, I just love the color range of these eye shadows. And I all bought these eye shadows in "Prijzencircus at the V&D" which is a big shop with a sephora in it. Once in a while the sephora will do a "prijzencircus" as well. If this goes on you can buy three sephora products for only 10 euro , which is an amazing deal 

Well that was it I think , I said everything that I wanted to so I really hope you like it and enjoyed reading. 

With lots and lots of hugs and love, 
Rianne x