24 aug. 2011

FOTD - sunset

Hello lovely guys and girls ,
Today's article is a post of my face of the day.
I felt like using warm colors and I came up with this look.
Most of the time I feel like using a particular color and then just build of the look with other colors.
And this time the base was a soft peachy/gold color.

So as a base I used a peachy primer with a little golden sheen in it.
To make the eye look more bright I used bright pink on the center of the lid.
Peachy/pink for the corners to make the eye look look a little more brighter
white with golden sheen as a highlight in the inner corner of my eye and on the brow bone.
And  as the last color I used a reddish color for my crease.

Some pictures of the look
I also braided my hair , and I think it looks really nice.
I used a small elastic band , specially for braids( the really small ones)
I did this because you can braid till the end of your hair.

I also used white eye pencil in the inner of my eye , to make my eyes look a little bigger.

Sorry for the stupid face haha.

 Two random pictures with the eye look , 
on the left picture you can see that the white eye pencil really makes my eyes look bigger.

 On this picture you can see the different colors.
The peach in the corners and bright pink on the outsides.

The look deffinitly looks plain on these 2 pictures, but in real you can see the different colors.
If I close my eyes you can see the color very easily.

I absolutely love this look , I think it looks very exotic and warm.
Pinks look great with blue eyes , you only got to be careful with what kind of pinks u use.
Sometimes it can look like you have a irritated eye , so be careful with that.
Also blending is very important ,
 I chose to blend the eye lid a little bit and keep the ends a little harsher.
  • On my face I used the Catrice matt foundation.
  • To contour my face I used the Catrice Sun Matt bronzing powder.

Well this was the eye look/ face of the day.
I really hope you liked it , the looks is quite easy so give it a try.

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x