3 aug. 2011

REVIEW - Sleek - Curacao palette

Dear ladies and gents , 

Today's article is about my new palette from the brand Sleek.
The name of the palette is Curacao and it's a beautiful , bright palette great for this summer.

When I first saw the palette I was a little scared to use the colors. But you can make gorgeous eye looks with this palette.And specially for the trend color blocking since the palette is so bright.
The bright package , love it
This is how the palette looks like from the outside.
The cover of the palette is a really cool cover.
With alot of bright colors and it so reminds me of summer.
The palette is just the standard Sleek package matt lack with the shiny letters.
 And the added the name of the palette.

The gorgeous palette itself.
Some great colors in there and they all have special names.

Nr1 -  Tequila Sunrise - Shimmery bright orange
Nr2 - Martini - Shimmery champagne 
Nr3 - Blue Hawaiian - Matt light blue
Nr4 - Bloody Mary - Matt bright red

So beautiful , this one is deffinitly my favorite one.

Nr1 -  Apres Midori - Shimmery bright green
Nr2 - Blue Lagoon - Matt bright blue
Nr3 - Purple Haze - Matt deep purple
Nr4 - Green Martini - Shimmery forest green with golden sheen

 Isn't this color just GORGEOUS. 
I love forest greens a lot.

Nr1 -  Screwdriver - Matt bright yellow
Nr2 - Green Iguana - Shimmery sea green
Nr3 - Singapore Sling - Shimmery magenta pink
Nr4 - Espresso Martini - Matt black

Eye look nr.1
I used Martini all over the eye lid.
To high light my brow bone and tear duct ,
I also used martini just to keep the look simple and fresh.

In my crease I used the beautiful color Tequila sunrise and just blended it with the other color.
I only used it in my crease so not on the eye lid.
I did this so that it will stay a fresh look.

Eye look nr.2
It's a very simple look I only used 3 colors.
I used Green Iguana on the left of my eye lid.
And on the right I used Purple haze.
And as a highlight I used Martini.

This is a heavy look and very bright , but you can also tone it down.
U can use only one color or change the bright purple for a lilac eye shadow.
I only used these colors to play with the palette , so you can use any color you want.
You might wanna change the sea green for a lighter green or a lime. 
Everything is possible , just play around a bit.

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Well this was it , 
I hope it helped you and that you liked reading the article.
With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x