9 aug. 2011

HOW TO - get healthy teeth

Hello dear friends ,

Today's article is a little different from normal , 
this time im going to give you some tips to get healthy teeth.
I really like to have nice looking and pretty teeth and I think every girl would like that.
So i'll give you 8 tips to get healthy teeth.

Tip 1.

The most logical tip of all.
Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day.
This will remove any plaque or leftovers from food.
Begin at your front teeth and work your way to the back.
Pay extra attention to your molars.

Tip 2.
Floss , toothpicks & spiral brushes are really handy and useful.
You can remove plaque or leftovers between your teeth.
If you dont floss leftovers will turn into plaque and this will cause holes in your teeth.
If you don't remove plaque your breath can get smelly to so floss twice a day.
For a guide you can use a 

Tip 3.

Your tongue is a big place for bacteria.
If your keeping your tong fresh your breath will smell more fresh and you'll have less bacteria in your mouth.You can do this with a normal toothbrush but there are also tongue scrapers on the market.
While your brushing your teeth , you can also brush your lips.
This will make your lips soft. 

Tip 4.
Sometimes your gums can start to bleed if your brushing your teeth or floss.
This means that your gums are not in top condition.
Ask your dentist what you both can do to make your teeth healthy again.
And if your gums are bad , your teeth can get sensitive too.

Tip 5.

Your teeth can discolor because of smoking,drinking tea or coffee,drinking soft drinks and some juices. To prevent that your teeth will discolor you can flush your mouth after drinking one of these.
This will rinse of the most dyes from your teeth.
You should flush your mouth once a day with some mouth wash.
This will help your enamel and will prevent your teeth from discoloring.

Tip 6. 

Be gentle with brushing your teeth.
If your brushing your teeth roughly it really does not help to get the dirt off.
It will only damage your gums and they can start to bleed.
Search for a good toothbrush , and see if you want a hard or soft toothbrush.
If you have sensitive teeth you can better choose for a soft toothbrush.
If the bristles are standing apart , it's time to replace your toothbrush.

Tip 7.

Soft drinks and juices contain a lot of acids that will damage your enimal.
Try to minimize drinking soft drinks and juices.
And if you cant resist the drinks, wait a hour after you drank , till you brush your teeth.
If you dont wait it will still damage your enamel.
ps. even fruit contain acids , so be careful with that too.

Tip 8.
Be careful with sugary products.
The bacteria in your mouth turn the sugars into acids and they will damage your enamel as well.
This will make holes in your teeth to.

Few quick tips to make your teeth look healthy and white 
1. A tan makes your teeth look even more whiter.
2. The perfect red lipstick that matches your skin can make your teeth look even more white.
3. If you really want white teeth , you can bleach your teeth at a local practice that whitens teeth.
4. If you got bad teeth , ask your dentist for his opinion.
 You can always have porcelain plates for over your teeth.
5. Eating strawberries can help to prevent your teeth from discoloring * i love this tip haha *

Well this was it , I hope it really helped you out.
And I hope you enjoyed watching.

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x