26 aug. 2011

REVIEW + HOW TO - Hema cuticle lemon oil

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is a review of my Hema Cuticle Lemon oil.
I've been using this cuticle lemon oil since high school.
Always when we had to practice manicures on each other we would use this oil.
And i've been loving it since then , I absolutely love the smell of it to.
If you dont like lemon smell , you might wanna skip this one.

What does the package say ?
Softening cuticle oil.
With lemon and almond oil.
Hydrates and softens the skin around the nails.
Repairs , feeds and strengths the nails and cuticles.
Specially recommended for soft , fragile , or spliting nails.
Contains Jojoba oil that protect the nails from influences from outside.

How to use ? 
Use on clean , unpolished nails and cuticles.
Massage on fingertips with swirling motion.

 How much does the bottle contains ?
The bottle contains 11 ml , which is not bad.
Standard size for nail polish from "hema". 
After opening it lasts 24 months , but I have mine for over 24 months and it's still good.

 The brush
The brush is very handy and easy to apply the oil with.
It absorbs a lot of oil so be careful with that.
The bristles are really soft and gentle on the cuticles.

How to apply

I use the oil in my cuticles and a little bit on my nails.
This will make my nails look shiny an my cuticles will get really soft.
I also do the sides of my nails because sometimes this can get a little dry too.

 After that I massage the oil on my nails with swirling motion.
Now my whole nail is covered with a layer of oil.

Now I just wait a few minutes and then remove it with some water.
You can also make a sort of mask of the oil and leave it for 15 minutes.
Then the oil is absorbed into your skin.

 Well this was it , I hope it was helpful and that you liked reading it.
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With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x