29 aug. 2011

REVIEW - Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Hello lovely ladies and gentleman , 

Today's article is about a face mask from the brand Queen Helene.
A lot of beauty blog and sites give positive feedback about this mask and after a long time I finally bought this product.

Near my neighborhood we have a afro american beauty store and I today I took a look at the products of the shop. I asked if they we're selling the Queen Helene Mint julep masque and they did.

The product - Special Clay 
The product is made out of clay and to be exact it's "Kaolin " also named Kaolinite.

It's actually a very special clay.
Kaolin is found in primary and secondary form.
The primary form is made out of Feldspar and actually 60 % of the Earth's Crust is made out of this product.

The secondary form is a deposit of Kaolin for example by a river.

The special clay combined with the added mint really does cleans your face and pores and makes your skin more pure.
It sounds weird but you'll see result immidiatly.  


The package does look cheap but sometimes that does not matter as long as the product really works.It's a simple white and dark green tube with a screw lid on it , it cannot break easily which is good. I don't mind that the tube is cheap looking as long as it does not break and as long the mask works. Other then that the tube is fine , all the information is on the back of the tube like Directions ,What the mask does and the ingredients.

My experience 

The mask feels nice on the face , in the beginning the mask feels a little cold which I like.
After the mask starts drying (since its clay) it starts to pull a little which isn't a bad feeling overall.
After 15 minutes I feel little tingles , also not bad , didn't hurt or irritated.
Like the mask says its really for people with acne or a lot pimples or break outs.
After washing my skin feels soft and my pores are a little smaller.

The place where I bought the mask , the mask coster €4,50.
Which is not bad at ALL , its a big tube and you can deffinitly use the tube several times.

Buy if 
  • If you love the fresh smell of mint (like I do)
  • Your searching for a good mask for oily ,combined or acne skin
  • Your searching for a good cleansing mask
  • You have big pores
Skip if  
  • You hate the pulling feeling of your skin 
  • You don't like tingling skin
  • You have dry skin 
  • If you perfect skin
  • If you dont like the smell of mint

Well im enthusiastic about this product and im going to use it more often.
Even my boyfriend really thinks this mask is working for him and he has a lot of breakouts.
I really hope you liked this article and enjoyed reading.
If you have any questions please ask !

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x