14 sep. 2011

Sneek peak in my - closet

Hello there lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is a sneak peek in my wardrobe's.
I have my normal closet for my clothes that I wear all the time.
I got a shoe closet in my other room for all my heels and other shoes.
And I have a spare closet in the other room for : 
 all my fancy dresses , coats and clothes that I don't wear a lot.
But today I will shoe you my regular closet and my shoes.
So take a look at the closets if you would like that.

Normal closet
All my shirts on the bed , folding them nicely again and 
deciding what to keep and what to bring to the secondhand shop.

 My shirts with long arms.

 "Special shirts"

 Tank tops

 T- shirts

 All in the closet and my pants underneath.

My vests

Well this was it actually , I really hope you liked it.
And that you enjoyed watching all the pictures !