21 sep. 2011

REVIEW - Essence NATvenTURista Limited Edition collection

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 

Today's article is a review of the new Essence limited edition collection called : 
I bought five products of this limited edition line and I will show you all of them.
So lets get started ! 

My new baked eye shadows 
These pretty baked eye shadows costs : € 2,79 per eye shadow.
The eye shadow contains 1,5 gram which is not that bad.
It's a quite normal "Essence eye shadow price" 

Baked eye shadow nr.01

This is just a gorgeous eye shadow.
This eye shadow has two colors combined : Gold & as I would call it "Army green "
I think these colors are just amazing together and the eye shadow has a lovely shimmer to it.
The two colors combined make a gorgeous Moss color.
The eye shadows aren't super pigmented but give a natural wash of color.

Baked eye shadow nr.02

This gorgeous eye shadow caught my eye immidiatly.
It is a great eye shadow to also use as a highlighter for your brow bone.
The eye shadow has two colors :
silver and peachy orange and when you blend the two together you get a wonderful shimmery peach.
The eye shadows aren't super pigmented but give a natural wash of color.

Gel eye liner 
This gel eye liner costs : €2,99 per pot.
Which is a reasonable price for a gel eye liner I think.
I really love this color so I think it's a great price for this pot. 
The pot contains : 3,2 gram which is a good amount. 

A beautiful golden bronze gel eye liner called - Mother Earth is watching you 
This eyeliner looks really nice with blue eyes like myself.
And this eye liner is so smooth and gentle on your eyes.
You do have to take waterproof eye make up remover , cause it's kind of hard to get off.

 Eye shadow swatches 
I don't know if they mean to look like this but its a wash of color.
Very natural , but was this what Essence wanted or is the pigment just sucky.
I don't know but I know I do like these colors.
 If you have to go to school and feel like wearing eye shadow ,
but don't wanna have a lot of color on your eyes.

Nail polishes 
These nail polishes cost : €1,79 per nail polish. 
Which is a GREAT price.
The nail polish contains 8 ml which is more then the normal Essence nail polish size.

I bought these two pretty colors.
A moss green nail polish with silver shimmer in it.
And a peach ,apricot color with light pink sparkles in it.

This gorgeous nail polish is called : 
Your my dragonfly , sugar ! 

This pretty nail polish is called : 
Barefoor through the Moss ! 

Only suck part of this nail polish is ,
that you have to apply this nail polish 4/5 times to get a nice good coverage.
But I just love the pink sparkles in this nail polish it looks gorgeous.
And it's such a beautiful nude color.

Luckily with this nail polish you only have to apply 2 coats of nail polish.
I think this colors is very unique , I don't think I saw it before.
Well not with the silver sheen in it ! 

Well this was it I think, I showed you all my swatches and good stuff.
I hope you liked reading the review of this nice collection of Essence.
Keep on reading my blog !