22 sep. 2011

Repost - About ladyfabuloux

Lovely ladies and gents ,
Today's article I will tell you a little more about myself.
The last time I did this was a long time ago and I thought it would be fun to do this again.
Just to open myself up towards my dear readers.

To begin I'll give some basic information about myself.
My name is Rianne and i'm 19 years old.
I live in The Netherlands in a city called : The Hague
It's a big city and although I sometimes hate it here I wouldn't leave this place I think.
I have a lovely boyfriend for almost 3 years and I love him to death.

I really love writing articles for this blog since I adore - makeup fashion & foodies.
It is a great way to sorta express yourself through these articles.
I've been busy with makeup since I think 2006 because in my high school we had classes for personal care. I learned how to cut hair , do nails , how to do a pedi/manicure and that kind of things. My passion started then , and now finally developed into a beauty blog.

One of my other passions is Classic motor racing.
I know it's unique and maybe weird for some of you girls but I really love this.
I grew up with bikes and cars since my dad is a formal dirt-rider in cars and works as a mechanic since he was 16. My dad is my everything and he is just such an inspirational person.

Another last passion of me is music and singing.
I just love to sing in my room to some old songs and I think a few girls like that. Just sing in your room as loud as you can. I used to perform on the classic motor races but now putted that aside. Music is just wonderful and it makes me very happy.

Fun facts about myself
- I love animals and am a supporter o WNF(world nature fond)

- My horoscope is "Cancer" 
- My birthday is on 2 july
- I got 96 nail polishes
- I love veggies and fruits A LOT
- I'm in my final years of studying to become a worker in a community center , 
but I really wanna work in a children daycare center.

- Im an organ donor because I lost one of my best friends died because his lungs failed

- I'm very creative with handcrafts with kids
I made this tree with my boyfriend and the kids of my work placement.

-I ALWAYS wear tights or leggings

-I got two half brothers and one half sister
My brother in law "Joris" , my new little baby niece "Lara" and my sister "Linda"after labor.

My "youngest" brother : "Fabian"

Well thats about it I think !
I already showed you a lot if you have any requests or questions please do ask.
I really hope you liked reading and please keep on following my blog.