25 okt. 2011

FOTD - peacock eyelook

Hello lovely ladies and gents  
Today's article is another face of the day.
Well more an eye of the day.
I was so inspired by a picture I found that I decided to do it myself.
It's a peacock inspired eye look and I think this eye look is so freaking gorgeous.

I made this look with my three sleek palettes.
Curacao palette : number 580
Chaos palette : number 577
Monaco : number 657

I also used my Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara.
I really love this mascara by the way , it really makes your lashes really long.
With a lot of volume that is added to your lashes.

My other face make up : 
Bourjois foundation - healthy mix serum 
Number 54 named Vanilla

Bourjois concealer - healthy mix 
Number 51 named Éclat Clair

Rimmel london face powder - Stay matte pressed powder
Number 003 named Peach Glow

After I made these pictures I changed the look a little.
I added more purple in the outer V.
So these are the pictures with a slightly more purple touch.

I made this look with my sleek palettes.
I also used two purples from my 88 color palette.
I like the look way more than before with the purple added to the look.
It's more ... peacock -ish.

I used a white base by using my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.
I did this because this would really make the eye shadow look more vibrant.
After that I applied all the colors one by one.
I started in the inner corner of my eye and applied the bright green.

Then I applied the next two colors.
A emerald/sea green color and beside that I applied a bright turquoise blue eyes shadow by Sephora.
I also used another Sephora eye shadow and that was a bright cobalt blue eye shadow.
Then I started blending the colors and after that I applied purple in the socket of my eye.
And started blending the color in to my outer V.

After that I applied my eye pencil from Gosh , which is a vibrant blue color.
And applied that on to my lash line.
And as the final step I curled my lashes and applied mascara.

Final Look

After a while I decided to apply a winged eye with the eye look.
Just to try out if it would look good.
I really like this eye look !
It's a heavy eye look but I really like it , very experimental.

Again .. I really love this eye look and I think it looks absolutely amazing.
I just fell in love with this eye look when I saw it for the first time.
And I just needed to try it , I just picked up my brush and started on the look.
And i'm so happy with the end result and I feel satisfied now.

Just give this look a try !
A few months ago I was always scared to use vibrant colors.
Just because I was afraid that the look would fail.

But now my vision has changed , 
you can always remove it with eye remover if you don't like the end result.
Its not permanent , so just experiment and try different things.
Don't be afraid to use odd colors or colors that u normally wouldn't use.

Well this was it and I really hope you liked it.
And most of all I hope I inspired you with this look and article.
And again just give it a try , dont be afraid to do something else that you're not used to.