26 okt. 2011

HOW TO - refresh yourself on-the-go

Hello there lovely ladies and gents 

Today's article is an article about some tricks and tips that I use after a long day.
Most f the time I have a long school day and my face feels really dehydrated , 
my make up has disappeared and I feel tired.
These are my tricks and tips that I use on the way back home or in the bathroom at school , 
to fresh my self up and make me a little more awake.
I hope this really helps you !

What am I using ?
Lush : breath of fresh air toner
In my school we have small classes with only one window.
And when its hot the air conditioning goes on.
After sitting in one of the class rooms for an hour my skin feels so dehydrated.

So when I spray this on my face I already feel way more fresh and awake then before 
Before I do this step I pat a powder on my face , to remove any oils.

 What am I using ?
Bourjois healthy mix concealer 
number 51 called : Eclat clair

After letting the toner get in to my skin I applied some concealer for my eye bags.
This will make my eyes look a lot more awake.
Because after a whole day of school , like I already said :
it kinda looks like my make up has disappeared.
So after this step I would look more awake.

What am I using ? 
Catrice limited edition lipgloss
In number 01 called My home is my Sand Castle

After the concealer I move on to the next step and that is applying lipgloss.
This will make you face look more fresh and healthy.
You can also choose to use a lipstick , but since im traveling by train ,
it's kinda hard to apply this while riding.
This is an easy way to look fresh in 5 seconds. 

What am I using ? 
Sleek limited edition blush - avoir la peche collection
In number 919 called Pan-Tao

This is a very vibrant color and will lighten up your face.
After a long day of work or school my face always looks a little pale and washed- out.
This is a great way to add color into your face and will make you look colorful instantly.

What am I using ? 
Sephora fond de tein matifant foundation
In number 20 called Clair light.

I always keep this powder in my bag because my skin tends to get oily after a long day.
And I dont like to look like a grease ball.
So a compact powder is a MUSTHAVE for a long day , I think.

I'm applying this all over the face and by doing this im mattifying my face.
So I will look less oily.    
And it will make my skin more even.

And at last I spray on some deodorant and perfume. 
Outside of the train or in the toilet , so it wouldn't bother someone.
Because when you spray in inside of the train or in the classroom , maybe someone else is bothered by it.

Other things that will fresh me up 
  • Bottle of water
  • Refreshing towels
  • A light face cream or serum 
  • New foundation applied
  • Some fruit , to hydrate myself
  • Some fresh air always helps
Well I think these we're my tips and tricks.
I really hope it helped you or that you can do something with these tips.
Deffinitly try them out on a long day , it will make you look more awake and bright.