23 okt. 2011

Outfit of the day & FOTD - red dress and glitter heels

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is about my outfit of the day and face of the day.
Yesterday I had a great party in Amsterdam of the lovely beauty  blogger : Marscha.
If your dutch and you love beauty check her blog out : www.beautygloss.nl

-in the train , on our way to amsterdam

She organized a great event for 650 people , with little mini shops and so on.
So me and my friend Joanne went to the party and it was absolutely GREAT.
I will do a whole review of that too , but its going to be a long article so i'll do that later haha.

- My outfit of the day 
little red dress from newlook
 black tights from primark
black glitter heels from newlook
blazer from newlook
black/gold bag from mango

- waiting on the stairs to shop

- in the hall of the dome church in amsterdam

- my makeup 
 bourjois foundation 
 sephora compact powder 
 bronzer to contour my face
elf cream eyeliner to wing my eyes
rimmel day 2 night mascara

 - with Beertje van Beers , model and formal host of the dutch tv.

- with the most awesome hairdresser/makeup artists/ fashionista 
he was so kind, pollite and funny.

- with my new red lipstick by Rimmel

Well this was it I guess.
I had a GREAT time , it was super fun.
And for Marscha : it was a fabulous party and I really enjoyed it.