6 okt. 2011

REVIEW - Catrice Bohemia the look

Hello there lovely ladies and gents 

Today's article is about the new limited edition line of the brand Catrice.
The new limited edition line is called : Bohemia the look , and is inspired by a Bohemia style.
It also reminds me a lot of Arabic make up style because of the smokey eyes on the flyer.
When I saw the name of the line , I was interested in it immidiatly.
And then when I saw all the products I needed to buy I few products.

The nail polish
When I saw this nail polish I HAD to buy it , it looks absolutely stunning.
It has a beautiful sheen in it and the packaging just looks SO pretty.
Just like every other nail polish of Catrice it costed : €2,49 
Which is a great deal I think,

Isn't the package just fabulous.
I think the did a great job to put this detail in to the bottle because it does look bohemian.
Also the bristles of this nail polish is very nice I think , it covers my whole nail which is very handy.
The also have three other colors : 
a metallic marine blue , a bright copper/orange color and a taupe brown.

The name of the nail polish is : Looking Sunkissed.
Don't quite get the name but I still love this nail polish haha.
You can see the gorgeous sheen of the nail polish.


Lip gloss
This lip gloss is so pretty , and I think its very easy to pop on for just a splash of color.
This is a gorgeous , fresh sorta berries red lip gloss.

This lip gloss is called : looking sunkissed.
That's the only thing I find a little disappointing in the limited edition lines of Catrice is that often 
the products have the same name , which isn't really original. 

This is a little indication of the color , 
it's a gorgeous berry red like I told with some red sparkles in it. 
Don't you think this color looks absolutely stunning.

This is the color of the lip gloss.
Kind of reminds me of strawberries.

Lip gloss on my lips , I think the color suites me and pops a little bit of color into my face.
I would wear a simple eye look with this lip color.
This lip gloss isn't as sticky as some other lip glosses. 
And it smells SO yummy , like fruits. 

This is the other lip gloss that I bought and this lip gloss caught my eye immidiatly.
It is just a super pretty color , with a golden sheen in it. 
Very nude but not .. too nude , if that makes sense.

The same as the nail polish this lip gloss has a gorgeous bohemian design on the package.
I think it looks gorgeous and very chic.
Every product had his own color , so they took the color of the product to use it on the package.
So the red nail polish , had a red design. 

This lip gloss is Called : My home is my sand castle.
And this color name , does make sense.
Because the color is a little sand color-ish.

The color of the lip gloss , I would describe it as a beige/sand color with a golden sheen.
This lip gloss costs : €3,79 
This is one of the four colors , the also have the red one (see above) 
A nude , taupe color and a bright orange color.

The lip gloss on my lips , looks very nude only a gorgeous golden sheen on my lips.
I love this color and it's great to wear with a heavy eye look.
Oh and another important thing , is that the lip gloss inst very sticky like some other lip glosses.

Another thing that caught my eyes was this pretty bronzer.
I saw the pattern of the powder and the package and I just had to buy it.
Also because of the color , because it's not too dark so I won't look over tanned haha.
Great for a lighter skin , like me.

The bronzer doesn't have a name .. to bad.
And like it says on the package its for face and body.
Contains 9g with is pretty good.
The bronzer costs : €3,99 which isn't bad

Look how pretty this bronzer looks , with the same pattern as on the other packages.
I love this pattern.
I would use this bronzer to shape my face a little , it wouldn't look as heavy as a dark bronzer.
This one would look more natural.

 Swatches of the bronzer

Eye shadow
I saw this eye shadow and took it because the color is just so pretty.
A light nude color with pretty glitters in it.
Very useful for a everyday make up look.
I would deffinitly use this eye shadow on a daily base.

The name of this eye shadow is : My home is my sand castle.
And the eye shadow contains 2,0 g. 
The eye shadow costs : € 2,79 
And this is one of the four colors.

They also have a cobalt blue color ,a taupe color and a bright orange color.
I love this color and I think a color like this is very do-able for students that just want to wear a little splash of color on the eye. Its subtle but very pretty , you can also add a little brown in your crease to darken the look up.

Can you see these gorgeous golden glitters in the eye shadow. 
I love eye shadows like this , nude but with a twist.
Specially for me since i'm a student I can wear this eye shadow to school.
I can also wear heavy looks but people would look at me like.. what are you wearing ... ?

Pretty , I just love this color , 
I think of the whole collection im the most excited about this product.

Swatch of the eye shadow.

Well this was it , this was my review. 
I really hope you liked it and enjoyed watching and reading it.
I really recommend the eye shadow and lip gloss.