23 okt. 2011

NOTD - disco nails

Hello there lovely ladies and gents , 

Today's article is another nail of the day article.
And i've been so excited because of this nail look and I really wanted to share it with you guys.
It's my disco nail look that I wore to the beautygloss party.
It a black nail with alotta glitter and I absolutely LOVE the look.

I used these nail polishes 
These are the two I used om my nails.

A nail polish of the brand Essence 
from their limited ballerina collection 
in the color : grand plié in black 
In number five

Black nail polish with red glitter.

And I used this nail polish on top of the black nail polish.
To add the glitters.

This nail polish is also from Essence.
It;s a special effect topper.
Called : Circus confetti 
In number two

Isn't this topper amazing , all the rainbow glitters.
In the colors : silver,pink,blue,gold,red,green and purple.
Such a recommendation this nail polish.

Well this was my nail look for today.
I really hope you liked it and that it inspired you.
Just give this look a try , I bet you will like it.
Great to wear in the winter times or for Christmas/ New years eve.
Or just any party haha , I love this look.