1 jan. 2011


Hi everyone, 

first of all I want to wish you all a happy new year , 
i wish you lots and lots of love , happiness , luck  and beauty for the year 2011. 
cherish your friends and family and enjoy every minute of life. 
this year was really heavy for me , my biggest nightmare came true. 
and i felt bad for a long time. my dad had a heartfaillure and me, mum and brothers and sisters almost lost him.  thank god he survived but the image will always stay in my head , him lying there. 

so 2011 is a fresh start for me , for my life and my blog .
2011 will bring my lots of goods ; 
  • Im going to be an aunty , cause my sisters is pregnant with a babygirl 
  • Im going to start racing in a side car with my dad
  • Im going on vacation with my boyfriend
  • Im gonna do a makeover in my room , finally getting my new closet in the end of Januari , a new floor and a new cozy bed. 
  • and a lotta more things will happen. 

so my quote for this year is , cherish your loved ones and enjoy every second , minute , and hour of life cause you never know. life might change in a split second. 

Again i wish you guys all the best and i hope that 2011 will be a great year.
Love , x