8 nov. 2011

Eye look - burgundy red

Hello there lovely ladies and gents 
Today's article is my eye look of today.
I made it with my Sleek palette called : Bohemian.
-See my article on this palette.

I already told on that article that I have 12 Sleek palettes 
and that im scared sometimes to use some colors , like this burgundy red.
But today I challenged myself to use the matt burgundy in this gorgeous palette 
and this is the end result.

As you can see I did not applied the burgundy red on the eye lid ,
but only in my crease and above my crease.
I just smoked it out towards my eyebrow.
And left a little piece of skin to apply a cream white eye shadow. 
I also applied this same color on the eye lid for the contrast.

Then I applied a winged eye and extended the wing pretty long.
This makes the look very sophisticated I think.
And very feminine and sexy.
Then I applied a few coats of mascara to make my lashes long and thick.
And applied a white eye liner pencil in my waterline.

 I applied foundation all over my face 
and I also applied bronzer (as always) 
to contour my cheeks and give my face a little color.

I heated the pencil in a little flame.
This will make the eye pencil look really bright.
Be careful with this , dont forget to let the pencil cool off.

 This is the complete look
Well this was the look.
Like I say a lot , please try some different colors.
Colors that you normally wouldn't use.
You will be surprised what the result will be , just try it out.

I really hope you liked it and that you enjoyed it.
And the most important thing is I hope that I inspired you with this look.