8 nov. 2011

REVIEW - Sleek - Bohemian palette

Hello lovely ladies and gents 
Today's article is a review of my sleek palette.
I already have this palette for a couple of months , but I never used it much.
Because the colors where a little frightening.
Sometimes I have to force myself to use it and this time and dare to use different colors.
And most of the time it works GREAT. 

I'm talking about the Bohemian palette number 604
A palette with warm colors in the bohemian style. 
And since im a fan of burgundy I took that color.
Also because I worked with the other colors.

The palette has three shimmery eye shadows in it and the rest is matt.
Which I like because a lot of my palettes contain a lot of shimmery eye shadows.
So this palette complemented my collection of sleek palettes.
I earn in total twelve sleek palettes.
And i'm a big fan of these palettes and recommend them to ALL of you.

As you can see the palette also contain more cooler tones like the :
cool green ,purple and the blue color.
This palette also complements blue eyes , 
because it has a bronze,burgundy and brown in it.
These colors complement blue eyes. 

Forest green with golden shimmer.
Deep shimmery bronze
Matt skin tone
Shimmery burgundy

This little piece of the palette is deffinitly my favorite part.
I've been always a fan of this forest green 
and since I used the shimmery burgundy I fell in love.
These are the autumn colors for clothing to !

Matt burgundy 
Matt bright yellow
Matt bright green
Matt marine blue

These are all matt but great to combine with some shimmery eye shadows.
I LOVE the burgundy color I used this color to create a look and I loved the color on me.
First I was a little scared to use these colors like I told.
But deffinitly worth of trying.

Matt cream white
Matt black
Matt vivid purple
Matt dark brown

The matt cream white,black and dark purple are great to have as base colors.
You can use these colors with almost every look.
The cream white to highlight your eye look.
The matt brown to darken your crease with a smoky look or simple natural look.
The matt black is great to use to line your eyes , this will look less harsh then a cream eyeliner.

Swatches of the eye shadows
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6
7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 ,12

These eye shadows are so pigmented it's just amazing.
I just lightly swiped my finger on to the eye shadow and the give so much pigment.
I just love to use these eye shadows.
And these palettes are just so great to have.
And its just impossible to not buy these palettes since they costed €7 to 8 euro.
Which is an amazing price for 12 eye shadows of 1,1g.

Number 1,2,3

Number 4,5,6

Number 7,8,9

Number 10,11,12

Well this was it , I hope it helped you and that I gave enough information.
If you have any questions please ask , im there for you guys.
You can always ask !