26 nov. 2011

HOW TO - nutmeg facial mask

Hello there lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is a recipe of my home made mask.
I found this mask that you can easily make and it's a GREAT mask.
Its almost like a self heating mask that you buy in the shops but then even better.
And of course without any crap in it.
It's really easy and there are only 3 ingredients in it.
So check it out ! 

What the mixture looks like

The ingredients : 
2 teaspoon - grounded cinnamon
2teaspoon - grounded nutmeg
1 tablespoon - honey ( any honey will work ) 

This mask is so easy to make and I think a lot of people will own these products.
And if you don't they are not expensive at ALL.
And you can make a great mask with these simple ingredients.
I'll bet if you try it once you'll repeat it more often in a month.
I know I did , specially when the days get colder.

The mixed ingredients - close up

Mix all the ingredients together it's as simple as that.
The honey will sort of "melt " and will make a smooth mixture.
Don't worry about the stickiness , it's actually less sticky then you'll think.

I used a foundation brush that I never use , 
but you can also apply this mask with your fingers.

Of course be careful with applying , 
because it's not a thick mask like the ones you buy in the shop.

You will look like this when you applied the mask haha.
It's a nice cinnamon colored mask , brown/orange ish.
But it's really nice , because it sorta will heat up.
It's the cinnamon that will make your face feel warm.
Leave the mask for 15 to 20 minutes 

When the 15 to 20 minutes are over , you can rinse the mask of with some warm water.
You can use a cloth to do that or just your hands , both will do the job.
Then when the mask is removed , dry your face with a towel.
Your will notice that your face feels really soft and pure.

You should really try this mask because its great !
I really like it and since I found this mask I've been doing it every week.
It's so great that its almost a self heating mask because it's getting colder here in Holland.
So deffinitly try this mask out.
I hope you liked reading it and that your going to try this.