6 nov. 2011

REVIEW - Pink Rimmel lipstick

Hello there lovely ladies and gents
Today's article is about this lipstick I bought at the beautygloss party.
I was in need of lipsticks since I don't own a lot of lipsticks so I decided to buy some.
In total I bought three lipsticks and I will do a review on all of them.
But now on to the review of this lovely pink lipstick.

The lid with the crown , the crown looks so chic.
And I love the packaging , great metallic hot pink lipstick package.

Number 020
In the color ~Shake up Pink

This is the lipstick , a nice soft pink color.
The package is metallic-ish pink and gold.

This is the color , a nice soft pink color.
Also kind of reminds me of barbie.

And again a swatch , but in bright lighting.
The lipstick is really nice and creamy and stays on pretty good.

And with every lipstick it's recommended to moisture your lips before applying.
Without any dead skin of course.
Check my article on : How to wear - red lipstick ,
for a lot of tips about : applying and nursing your lips

Lipstick on me.
I love this color it's a nice soft color.
And I think this lipstick is great to wear with a heavy eye or just a basic make up.
You could wear this lipstick easily to school because it's not that heavy.

The lipstick on me.
Lovely color.

The look : just my everyday makeup.
Winged eye , contoured my face with bronzer , foundation and powder.

Well I think that was it , it was really short.
But it's all the information you need.
I like these lipsticks and I would deffinitly buy them again.