26 nov. 2011

REVIEW - Lush angel delight soap

Hi there lovely ladies and gentleman , 
Today's article is about a great soap that I got as a present from my boyfriend.
I just couldn't stand it to sneak in to the lush store when I was downtown.
And when I smelled this soap I couldn't resist it.
So I was about to buy it and then my boyfriend went like well I'll give it to you.
As a little present.

What does lush say about the soap ? 
Angel's delight is one of our LUSH Christmas classics and a best seller every year.
It really is hard to say what we love most about our heavenly holiday creation.
There's the refreshingly fruity scent bursting with tangerines and blackcurrants.
And the beautiful iridescent glitter mixed throughout a sea of bright purples,oranges , blues and pinks.
What about the adorable star and moon shapes throughout each slice ? 
Oh we give up , we love it all and we have a sneaking suspicion you will too.

The thing that got me most where the colors of this soap. 
It looked like a big nicely colored pie of soap.
And I just love the combination of these colors.
And when I smelled it ... I was blown away.

My boyfriend bought me a piece of soap that costed : €7,65
And it's a big chunk of 168 gram.
For some people LUSH might be expensive but when your smell these heavenly scent.
You will buy it instantly ! 

The smell of this soap is just so fresh and fruity.
Which I LOVE , I love soap that smell like nice sweat fruits.
My mom said it smelled like candy and that makes sense because it smells so nice and sweat.
My boyfriend always tells me when we're in the LUSH store : 
"Those soaps look eatable , can I get a bite ? " 
If you have a boyfriend , 
and you'll go to the LUSH store with him he'll probably says the same thing.
Which I love the most of these LUSH soaps , the just look AMAZING.

All the different colors : Purple,Pink,Orange , I love this so much.

There's only one "negative "thing about this whole soap is that it doesn't give a lot of foam.
But compare that to all the plus points.
You should deffinitly try this soap out.

The soap also nourishes your skin because it contains : 
Mandarin and Orange oils and a hint of gardenia oil.
Once again I love this soap a lot ! 
Deffinitly try this out if you like sweat scented soaps. 

I really hope you liked reading and that I informed you enough.
It was a quick review but I only got good things to say about this soap.
If you wanna buy this soap , go to the shops now because it's one of there winter products.
So when winter is over , they will stop and sell it.