26 nov. 2011

REVIEW - EOS lipbalm sphere's

Hello there lovely ladies and gents , 
Today's article is about my new lip balm from the brand  EOS- Evolution of Smooth
I saw this scent/flavor and I could not resist it to buy this lip balm.
I already own  six lip balms of this brand and I absolutely love them all.
And I can already tell you that I love this one the same as I love the other ones.
I never use anything else since I used these and the scents and flavors are lovely.

The flavor/scent  : Strawberry sorbet.
And it really does smells like strawberries.
And it also have a nice sweet strawberry scent to it.
And the lip balm doesn't leave a color , they are all transparent.

The package
A cute bowl package , which is really good to hold. 
And VERY easy to find in your bag because of it's unique form.
Also a great thing about the lip balm is that it's in a recyclable package.

BEST thing about this lip balm is that its : 
Not tested on animals and gluten free.
Just GREAT , this is a real good thing.

And they don't contain petrolatum :
Petrolatum is : petroleum jelly like vaseline 
And NO parabens :
Parabens are : a chemical substance that will preservatives your product 

The lip balm contains : 7 gram
Which is really good I think. and they have all kinds of different scents to it. 

I already own six EOS lip balms in.
Stick lip balm :  Vanilla , Mint , Pomegranate  Raspberry
Sphere's : Lemon drop , Medicated Tangerine , Summer fruit and of course my new one.
They are all 95% organic and 100% natural

Cute packaging.

The lip balm , which is really rich and creamy.
And slides on easily , not sticky AT ALL.
And really moisturizes your lips and prevents them from getting cracks in it.
Great to use if you have to ride a bike of scooter and you get a lot of wind in your face.
Your lips tend to get dry , but with this ... your lips can survive a wind storm haha.

I really recommend this lip balm it's just a great product and I never use anything else.
It's just a great lip balm that does not stick , does everything that it should be.
And that is moisturize my lips , nourish my lips and keep them save from the weather.
I really hope you liked it and that you enjoyed reading.