12 mrt. 2011

Mascara review - Bourjois Volumizer AND......

Hello gorgeous gents and lovely ladies ,
Todays article is about my new mascara and facepowder.
And at the end of the article I have something special.
Thanks to a beautyblogger called Mascha (who owns a webshop and beautyblog) , 
I found out that the drugstore "DA" in my city had a MAYOR discount on all the bourjois products. 
50% discount on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g , because they are removing the brand out off their branch.

And because I had just a little money left I only bought two products : the bourjois volumizer mascara and a face powder : éclat minéral pressed powder - in nr.02 and it's called vanillé.
I absolutely love this face powder and i've been wanting it for a while , ever since I saw my mums blush from bourjois  when I was young  I just fell in love with the bourjois products .

The powders are sented , the packaging looks fancy with gorgeous colours and chic lettering , the packaging for eyeshadows and facepowders are handy and come in with a mirror.

Well first of all im still not sure if I like this mascara or not , BUT I have to admit it does what it says and that's volumizing your lashes and make them look 11x as thick.

I dont like the packaging that much , the colours are oke but it does look cheap.
They price was actually pretty expensive for a "plain" brand : it was $14.95 
This is what Bourjois says about the mascara : 

                                                               Mascara Volumizer
Thank to the convertible brush, this mascara can make your lashes make 11 x as thick ,lump-freeBetween the two make-up paths you can clearly see how the fibers are expanding the brush changeIt adjusts the dose of the formula that the lashes be issued in two phases and provides two possible make-up result:

You twist this part of the mascara package

Step 1 - disciplined VOLUME
First, use the brush with little mascara in multi without clots. It contains a little mascara brush,already brings structure to the eyelashes.

Then apply the mascara this will give you 11times more volume. 
The effect is dazzling and still no lumps!
The formula is good for the eyelashes:
- Enriched with strengthening and repairingceramides
- Natural wax and provitamin B5
- Suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers

And this is my face powder that I bought and this powder smells so niceeeee. 
I love it , it's the right colour for me and the packaging is a real nice size , not to big and not to small. 

Since I got this one , I always take it with me in my bag because I have an oily t-zone and with this I can easily blot my face and powder it off. 

This face powder is availleble in 6 teints , From light to dark :
nr 01. Rosé clair
nr 02. Vanillé
nr 03. Beige medium
nr 04. Claré or Doré ? 
nr 05. Brun Abricoté
nr 06. Hâlé 

Mineral radiance powder 
The first hot pressed powder , boosting enriched with radiance mineral quartzmatt yet for a radiant complexion. 
Enriched with radiance boosting quartzand ultra finely crushed mineral powders, Mineral radiance powder mattifies dull with no effect.
Enhances your natural skin tone , for a fresh and radiant complexion.
It's texture is fine and as lightweighted as loose powder. 

Benefits for the skin : 
Its non-drying formula lets the skin breathe, andcontains anti-oxidant vitamin E to take care of yourskin.

And I must say , I think it's true that the powder doesnt feel heavy or clogging on my skin. 
It feels soft and really light and it doesnt make me feel like I have a ton of make up on. 
And again I love this smell , and I also like it that they have 6 colours to choose from.
I think everyone can find their colour , cause they have a range from REALLY light , till brown. 

Maybe this powder isn't for a really dark toned skin like this gorgeous lady. 

But deffinitly for people with light , olive toned or "dark " toned skin. 
I really like this powder and deffinitly check this product out in the shops if your looking for a light weighted - compact powder. 

I think that's all what I needed to say , these are my honest oppinions by the way. ( im not paid or anything to do reviews ) 
I hope you liked it and that it helped you. 
And now on to my MOST EXCITING PART.  

Today was a GREAT day , we went to my dads birthday present haha , that sounds so weird. I got him tickets to the finals of Tracktor pulling. 
This will be kinda not interesting for you guys but it was AWESOME. 
My dad really had a great time and I loved it to ( and my boyfriend aswell ) 

But anyway , this is the most AMAZING PART.
When I got home and when I went on my computer I saw something increddible.
And you guys made it possible since I only started this blog for about 3 months ago. 
I saw that I had : 1000 viewers today and I just went nuts ( and my boyfriend aswell , but he doesnt like to admit it hahaha) 

I just wanted to thank you ALL , and I know that a 892 viewers arent that many compared to other great blogs. But even this much viewers made me OH SO HAPPY. 
I couldnt / can't stop smilling.

So thank you thank you thank you , SO MUCH for this great "present". 

With lots of love , 
Rianne x