1 mrt. 2011

haul haul haul

Hi guys ,
Today's article is a mini haul , cause I went shopping yesterday with my boyfriend.
He needed a few things for the house like tea and waterboiler , a toaster and that kind of stuff.
And since I was downtown I couldnt resist it to buy some things for my self haha.
So this is the haul , I hope you like it and enjoy :)

I bought these 2 . One for my makeup brushes and the other one I still dont no what im going to do with it .

I finally bought a new hairdryer , hallelujah.

A new facewash ,till I bought a new estee lauder one. Put I told myself to go easy with spending money. 

Two tanktops from Newlook , for my motorraces. To wear under my leathersuit or just on top of jeans. 

 Did I told you guys that I LOVE tea ? 

Yummie , peach , coconut , passionfruit , red fruit and tropical fruit tea.
I found this brand , for everyone who has a XENOS in their country ( holland does) , get this tea if you like tea.
It's soo nice , the only thing with the big pack that it's loose tea , so you have to have a tea egg or something like that. 

 A " thee infuser " , you put the loose tea in the holder from the top and then simply put it in your tea cup with hot water and there's your tea.

Some SOFT cottons , I useally bought the ones from the "kruidvat" a drugstore in the Netherlands , put those were not gently for my eyes and just felt like I was using sandy cottons for my eyes.

So I used these ones before and I really like them. They are really gentle and soft , so now I use the kruidvat ones for my nails cause they are more rough then these ones. 

Well that was my haul , I really hope you liked it and keep on following my blog .
With lots of love and kisses , x