3 mrt. 2011

Catrice nailpolish

Hi lovely ladies and gents.

Today's article is about my Catrice nailpolishes.
I'll give you some swatches , show you my collection and my favorite nailpolish of this brand. 
So have a look and enjoy 

These are all my Catrice nailpolishes.
From the left to the right .
Top row : 
Number 280 - London's weather forecast
Number 200 - From dust to dawn
Number 250 - I sea you
Number 240 - Sold out for ever
Limited Edition - C02 Rock Barock
Number 010 - Pearl White ( old line ) 
Number 240 - Almost black ( old line ) 
Number 230 - Brocade Red ( old line )

Bottom row : 
Number 130 - Lucky in lilac
Number 120 - Plum play with me 
Number 110 - Poison me , poison you ! 
Number 160 - Sweets for my sweets 
Number 070 - Caught on the red carpet
Number 170 - I scream peach !

All the swatches ( except the limited edition one , because that one is nude.

 My favorites <3 
Almost red - a gorgeous dark purpely/red colour 
A nice brownish colour
A really gorgeous green colour (zeegroen/seagreen)
A classy deep red nailpolish
And the last favorite nailpolish - I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this colour. its a great purple nailpolish , like a aubergine colour. 
These Catrice polishes are my favorite

I really hope you liked this article and enjoyed reading it. 
Do you have catrice nailpolishes , if yes what colour do you own ?

With lots of love , 
Rianne x