17 mrt. 2011

REVIEW - of 6 SLEEK eyeshadow palettes

Hi stunners ,

This article is about my sleek pallets , I have 6 of them and I will show you some swatches and the palettes.

And I will give you my honest oppinion about them.
I bought all these palettes with my own money , so no sponsering or anything like that.

These are the palettes that I own : 
Bad girl palette - nr 596
Limited Edition Sparkle palette - nr 569
The primer palette - nr 600
Chaos palette - nr 577
The original palette - nr 594
Storm palette - nr 578

Enjoy reading and I hope it will help you out !
These are pictures of the palettes

This is what Sleek says about the palettes : 
The badgirl palette 
Bad girl palette - nr 596

I Divine is a highly pigmented, soft touch eye shadow palette that possesses 12 pearlescent or matte shades. The pearlescent shades possess a large amount of mica and reflect the light giving a shimmering effect to the eye. The colour viewed in the palette is the colour that will be applied to the eye, as the payoff is excellent and the formulation is long lasting. 

Bad girl contains strong and deep shades which allow one to uncover their hidden fantasies. This palette can be extreme, powerful, confident as well as sensual.

The Storm palette 
Storm palette - nr 578
The Storm i-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks. 

The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look. 

The Chaos palette 
Chaos palette - nr 577

The Chaos i-Divine palette comprises of 12 intense and high impact shades with a matte finish for the daring and trend focused individual.
Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look. 

The original palette 
The original palette - nr 594
The Original i-Divine palette contains a variety of highly-pigmented colours, ranging from green to purple, allowing you to create endless looks fit for day or night. 
The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each of the 12 shades can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look. 

The primer palette A shimmery taupe , golden colour
The primer palette - nr 600 
A palette of 12 coloured eye primers perfectly designed to use with all Sleek MakeUP i-DIVINE Palettes. Long-lasting and specially designed to breath a new lease of life into your eyeshadows.

The sparkle palette
Sparkle palette - 569
There isn't information on the Sleek website ! 

Storm palette 
1. shimmery taupe , golden 
2. shimmery nude 
3. matt beige 
4.  shimmery gold 
5.  shimmery pinky bronze 
6.  shimmery red bronze 

7. shimmery brown 
8. shimmery darkblue gray 
9. shimmery black with a forest green tone 
10. shimmery darkblue colour with glitters
11. matt dark brown 
12. matt black colour with small glitters 
The original palette
1. matt black
2.  shimmery bright purple
3.  dark Marine blue
4.  bright teal-ish blue
5.  seagreen colour
6.  green with golden undertone

7.  pale shimmery gold
8.  pink with golden /peachy undertone
9. A shimmery "old pink " colour
10.  shimmery bronze with a red undertone
11. shimmery brown
12.  shimmery army green 
Bad girl palette
1.  shimmery white
2.  shimmery pale pink
3. shimmery blue gray
4.  shimmery gray
5.  real dark blue
6.  matt black

7.shimmery darkgreen with some little green glitters
8.  shimmery black with green undertone
9. bright blye with purple glitter
10. bright indigo
11. shimmery dark purple
12. matt plum purple

Chaos palette
1. pink rasberry
2. bright yellow
3. Beige / earthy brown
4. bright orange
5. Light Brown
6. Black

7. White
8. rusty red
9. bright seagreen
10. army green
11. bright blue
12. bright light blue
Sparkle palette
ALL SPARKLY - all with rainbow and silver glitter
1. bright fuchsia
2. blue gray
3. Bright blue
4. Marine blue
5. dark gray
6. Black

7. dark purple
8. plummy purple
9. Army green
10. gray/almost black
11. bright yellow
12. pale silver
The primer palette
1. White
2. Bright blue
3. Vivid Purple
4. A bright pink
5. Frosted pink
6. Silver

7. Black
8. Champagne
9. Forest Green
10. Taupe / Brown
11. Gold
12. Golden Peachy <3
My opinion about all these eyeshadows : 
The product
- All these eyeshadows are extremely pigmented.
- Every palette has 12 gorgeous colours.
- Some of the colour do tend to fall of your brush , so you do have to be easy with applying.
- The colour variations are great.
- They range from shimmery to glitter , from matt to Frosted eyeshadows.

The price
- The price is just amazing , I order mine at www.alicejohavesentials.nl
The normal palettes cost - 7,25 euro and the limited edition palettes cost - 7,95 euro 
Which is an amazing price for these beauties. 

The package 
- The packaging looks really chic - MATT BLACK
- Every palette has a great mirror in it , which is easy if you bringing these palettes with you on vacation or just in your make up bag. 
- The palettes are easy to open ( I think ) 
- Every palette brings an applicator with 4 sides

- The product does stay long on your eyes - even longer with primer
 Ofcourse you can't compare these eyeshadows with chanel , dior or mac
- The eyeshadows feel soft on the eye
- Sometimes you will have fall out from your brush ( so use a tissue under your eye while applying ) 

 Would I buy the product again 
Deffinitly, as a beauty lover/student , I don't have that much money to spend so this product is GREAT.

I'm actually gonna buy another palette next week , the palette is called :Paraguaya
These colours will be great for spring and summer but also for the Autumn. 
Bright colours are going to be very "in "this spring/ summer to use as a makeup,

Bright lips or bright eyes compared with a nude lip or eye. 
So this palette would be great for that. 

Well I hope you liked my LONGASS review.
Sorry for the long review but it was a lot to review about haha.

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x