13 mrt. 2011


Hi dolls , 

Today's article is about : what is in my grocerie bag.
Most of the time I do my own groceries because I have my own fridge for my drinks , fruits and snacks. And I think it would be nice to show you guys whats in my bag when I come home from the supermarket.

When I go to the supermarket I always have my grocerie bag with me : I stole this one from  my mum haha and she bought it at the Albert Heijn (supermarket) and it's 100% organic from their Pure and Honest line. 
This bag is amazing and really invironment friendly , it's easy to carry and you can put alot of groceries in the bag. I either have this one with me or a fabric bag with flowers that I bought at the " blokker "for 1 euro that one is easy aswell. Well lets take a look at my groceries..

Some of the stuff is for my boyfriend and the other stuff is mine, I hope you like it. 

So this was on my grocerie list : 
New glamour
Sunflower pits 
Soy milk 
Ben & Jerry's <3
Semolina ( griesmeel pudding ) 
Rice pudding 
Pure chocolate

This is what I brought for my lovely boyfriend : 
Spicy Olives ( we both LOVE olives , I tought my bf how to eat olives ) 
Cheese cubes 
Dry sausages
Herbs (for planting , my boyfriend wanted them really bad so I got him 4 herbs : parsly, basil , aragula cherry and cress. ) 

And last but not least :  2 bags of crisps - Doritos and Buggles ( my boyfriend putts the cheese from the cheesetube in to the buggles ) 

Fairly nuts <3 YUMMMMMMMMMM 

Nectarines - I love fruit , practicaly any fruit and this time I brought these nice sweet nectarines.

These are the herbs that I brought for my boyfriend , they are also from the Pure and Honest line from the albert heijn. And it's a Growbag , the bag contains earth and seeds and you can grow your own herbs this way.

This is also for my boyfriend except for the olives , those we share haha. 
He loves savory snacks instead of sweet snacks , so this time I brought him dry sausages and cheese cubes which he adores. 

Also for the boyfriend , crisps. I must admit I will steel a few buggles 
(without cheese cause I dont eat cheese , blegh ) 

YUMYUM , I dont eat much chocolate and it makes me feel sick when I do eat milk or white chocolate BUT pure chocolate I can eat all day. 
I love pure chocolate , some people dont like it at all because its bitter but I love it. 

Lemons : for lemon slices in my water with ice cubers :yummie

Sweetner : I drink alot of tea and instead of sugar I use sweetner. This is MUCH better then tea.
Cause ... well let me count. 
I drink my tea with 2 scoops of sugar and I drink about 6 cups of tea per day , sometimes more. 
So that will be 12 scoops of sugar , so thats really bad and this sweetner is much better then sugar.

Soymilk , cause I really like the taste of it. 

And just some packs of drink. 

Well that were my groceries , I hope you liked it. 
So whats in your grocerie bag ? 
With lots of love , 
Rianne x