15 mrt. 2011

Favorite songs Part 1

Hi lovers , 

Todays article is about a few great song that I really wanted to share with you.
Im a big big fan of music and I love ALL kinds of music , from house to blues , 
from jazz to metal , you name it and i'll like it. 
I think it also has something to do with that I sing and I used to perform at my dads races.

These are my favorite songs all time , favorites from these days and favorites from a long time a go. And some auditions of singing competitions that I really liked. 
I hope you like it and enjoy these songs. 

Rod Stewart with Your in my heart , your in my soul
Let's start with my ALL time favorite : Rod Stewart 
I just love this guy , he has such a great personality and voice , i'm a big fan of bluesy voices.
I especially love this version , its a great live perfomance and how the audiance sings just gives me the chills

Audition Ed with Elvis Presley 
This guy ... OH MY GOD 
So the xfactor auditions started in the netherlands and this audition just BLEW me away.
He has the typical "classic rock " version and he is AMAZING. 
He's blind and loves to sing , this guy is a true finding for the dutch , cause you cant find these voices nowdays.
And again , this man gives me the chills WHERE WERE YOU.

Alexis Jordan with Happiness
So this girl is a true star , I actually have been following her since the beginning and she grew into a amazing artists. This song makes me wanna sing and dance. enjoy

Ray charles with America the beautifull
The next song is a great song of the wonderfull mister : Ray Charles.
This song Is just amazing and it is sang beuautifully.
I bet every american knows this song.
This song gives me the chills , actually almost every song he sings.

Jessie J - Sexy silk and moma's knows best
She is amazing , her style , her attitude , just inspirationfull and gorgeous.
I love her voice , she has a unique voice deffinilty.

Paolo nutini with Coming up easy and Candy 
I love this artist , he's stunning has a GREAT voice and makes great songs.
I love the video of Coming up easy , the rabbit is creapy though haha. 
This is another artist I followed since the beginning of his first album.

Sting - Englishman in New York
Do I need to say more , he's just amazing , great looking for his age.
Amazing songs , great daughter ( coco sumner) 

Paolo Conte - Via con me and Bueno Vista Social Club - Chan Chan
This song ... I just love this song it gives me a great feeling.
Sometimes you just have songs that make you happy and dreamy. 
When I hear this song  , I see myself sitting in the sun on a terras with a cocktail in my hand. 
Same as the other song beneath. 

Limp Bizkit - N2 gether now
Oldie , I know .
Back in the days I was an alternative person , Listened to heavy stuff.
And new age metal like rage against the machine and limp bizkit.

Nicki Manaj ft Drake - moment 4 life
I this dont know what to think of her , but she makes great songs.
I do like it that she dears to be different.
I really like drake and this is a great combination.

Dondria - You're the one 
Same story as Alexis Jordan , I followed this girl since the beginning.
And a few months ago I was watching my old favorites on youtube and I saw a video of her.
So I checked out her page and found out that she's making records now.
AMAZING , i love her songs and she's amazing. 

Rusko ft Amber Coffman with Hold on 
I really like dubstep , but it depends on what kind.
I really like rusko and I think this is a great song. 
I also like his other song together with Caspa called Pro Nails.
Here they are

Coco sumner and Pete doherty with Bohemian Love
I love the flow of this song and the lyrics are wicked.
They are absolutely GREAT

Come Around with Tim & Jean 
This song reminds me of the summer <3
I miss the sun , BUT the sun is coming soon.
Love this song makes me wanna bounce and wear my sunglasses.

Dizzee Rascal with  Dream
I think he's awesome , I love the accent and his music style.
Like a little bit of old school and some sick beats. Nice lyrics to and awesome clothes.

Winne - Lotgenoot en Wij zijn één
So this is a dutch song , I really like this style.
Nowdays the mayority of the "rappers "in Holland arn't rapping about REAL things.
Only about Ghetto stuff , drugs , guns , hoes , and all that. I Hate that style.
That's why I really like this guy , his lyrics are real and serious.

Typhoon - zo niet mij en bumaye
This guy is great , he stutters except when he's singing.
As I said before , like the song above. 
He raps about REAL things and makes really beautifull poetic lyrics.
Bumaye is another song that reminds me of the summer.

Sia - Soon we'll be found
I just think this is one of the most amazing videos i've seen in a while.
I think she has a great unique voice and makes beautifull songs.
They really calm me down and make me happy.

Babilonia - born again
This song is just a party song in my ears. 
I have great memories of this song , I used to dance with my friends on this song when we're clubbing.
This song keeps me moving and makes me wanna party ALL night long.

MGMT - electric feel
I love this kind of music , and I think the video is amazing.
Reminds me of fairytails and elfs and stuff like that.
Plus the singer without the headband is so cute.

Wheatus - Teenage dirtbag 
This is simply just a childhood video.
I LOVED this song , still do
I still remember that I found it soo sad that the tough / football guy bullies the "nerd "
And HA at last the nerd gets the girl REVENGE. 

Anúna - Cloudsong and Anne Buckley - Suil a ruin
Ok i'm sorry , this will be a surprise for all of you.
I really like Irish and Celtic music.
They have such Angelic voices , just amazing. 

Aloe Blacc with I need a dollar
I really like this song , cause my and my boyfriend sing it all the time haha.
It was reaslly funny cause when the song came out on MTV it was on EVERY morning.
So we had the song in our heads for the whole day and suddenly we would start singing the song , because it was stuck in our heads haha. 

Cry Baby - please mr. jailer
I love johnny depp he's a stunner and this girl is gorgeous aswell.
I love this scene.

Otis Redding with Sitting in the dock of the bay and i've been loving you too long
I just think this singer is one of the greatest soul singers

Led Zepplin with Stairway to heaven
This song is just a wellknowm song and its amazing. 
I really like classic rock and I grew up with this sort of music.

Yentl (Barbra Streisand ) with Papa can you hear me
This song touched me so much when my dad was in the hospital and at that time I almost lost my dad and found this song. 
I cried like a little baby , but this song is just : wauw. 
When I listen to this it does remind me of the whole happening but it also gives me the chills.
Because I think this song is one of her best songs. 

Pina Colada song
I just LOVE this song , this song makes me sooo happy it just cheers me up. 
It also reminds me of the movie Grown Ups.

Alain Clark with Freedom
I think Holland can be very proud with this artist.
He reminds me of Lenny Krevitz (his looks) 
He's just an amazing artist.

Huub van der Lubbe -Iemand als jij 
Another dutch song.
This artists is also one of the leadsinger of the Band : de dijk
I also grew up listening to this band. And I think this song of him as solo artists is JUST AMAZING.
It reminds me of true love.

Gangstarr with Moment of truth
I just really like the beat of this song and when Im relaxing I like to listen to this kind of music.
It depends on my mood though. 

Rascal Flatts - Praying for daylight and Summernights
These songs cheer me up and I like to sing along with them.

Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma
As I said I like ALL kinds of music , even classical 
And I really like this song , its just the most beautifull song her ever sang I think. 
Nobody is able to sing this song as him. 

John Denver - Grandma's old feather bed
I think this is the most awesome videos ever haha. 
Country and the muppets how cool is that.

Julianne Hough with That song in my head
I've listen to this song SO many times that its not even normal anymore
I love the sound of it and it makes me wanna sing along as loud as I can. 

Frank Reyes with Nada de Nada
I think this song is great for the beach , the course is just so amazing.
Great song. 

Edith Piaf with Milord
I think that old french songs are amazing.

And I love this one aswell another french song. 
Fernandel with Felicie aussi

Well that was it for part 1 
I really hope you liked it and that you enjoyed my music.
I bet there was something for everyone haha 
because I got a various music taste.

With lots of love , 
Rianne x