4 jul. 2011

Preview Essence 50's girls reloaded

Hello lovely ladies and gentleman's , 

Today's article is about the new line of essence that I'm going to purchase.
I already will show you the whole collection and tell what products i'll be buying.
And which products make me enthusiastic , I will buy them as soon as they go and sell these at the store.  
- The collection looks absolutely great with all navy colors. 
The collection looks fresh and simple.
Five different nail polishes in sailor- ish colors.
They cost €1,79 per nail polish.
01 Ahoy!
 02 Back to the 50's
03 I'm a marine girl
 04 Love me tender 
05 You're a heart breaker
I'll buy the first three , I have to buy a new white nail polish so this might be good.

Translucent loose powder.
The powder costs : € 2,99
I'm curious of the quality , i'll test this one first before buying it.

Two gorgeous lipsticks that kinda look like the Mac ones.
The costs €1,99 per lipstick which is a great deal.
In the colors : 
01 Back to the 50's
 02 I'm sailing
I am going to buy these , because they look so pretty.
The colors are absolutely gorgeous.

Three eye pencils in marine style.
The pencils costs €0,99 cent per pencil
01 You're a heart breaker
 02 I'm a marine girl
 03 Love me tender
I'm buying the second eye pencil ,
 I think the electric blue looks great and I really love this color. 

A duo brush in navy style. 
The brush costs €1,59. 
I am going to buy this because the brush looks great and i'm curious about the quality 
and hey it only costs €1,59 so if the brush sucks I didn't spoiled a lot of money.

Three great eye shadow duo's with a cute packaging.
They cost : €2,49
In the colors : 
01 I'm a marine girl
02 You're a heart breaker
 03 Come on board captain
-The eye shadows are creamy.
I'll test the quality first and if it's any good i'll buy number 1 and 3.
I love the navy blue and the bright blue of these two duo's.

 If I bought the products , i'll do a review on all of them ! 
So keep following my blog if your as curious about the products as I am. 

This whole line is on the market since 1 July , 
so run to the stores to buy one of these items.

I hope you liked reading the article and enjoyed watching the pictures.

With lots of love , 
Rianne x