17 jul. 2011

REVIEW - Essence - Limited edition 50's girls reloaded

Hello ladies and gents ,

Today's article is a review of a few new products I purchased from the brand called Essence.
I already posted a sneak preview of this line called 50's girls reloaded.
And now finally the products where available at my drugstore so I bought a few products.

The nail polishes

Nail polish 1
Price - €1,79
Nr.03 - I'm a marine girl 
The color : It's a bright marine blue with a sheen in it.

Nail polish 2
Price - €1,79
Nr.01 - Ahoy ! 
The color : Just a plain white without glitter , sheen or anything. 

My opinion about the nail polishes 
The nailpolishes
I think the nail polishes are gorgeous.
I really love the bright metallic blue nail polish , 
I think it looks chic and stylish to wear on a night out. 

The lipsticks 

Lipstick 1
Price - €1,99
Nr. 02 - I'm sailing
The color : A lovely peach lipstick

Lipsticks 2
Price - €1,99
Nr. 01 - Back to the 50's 
The color - A bright red 

The color reminds me of the Disney movie - Snow white.
Same color as the apple haha. 

Both colors 
I absolutely love the colors , they are stunning

My opinion about the lipsticks 
The lipsticks
The colors of these lipsticks are just amazing.
I think these lipsticks are GREAT for this summer.
Great to use for the color blocking trend 
and also for the peachy looks that you see more often on you tube.

The lipsticks do tend to stain a little if you don;t apply it carefully.
But you can't expect best quality for the price.
Also what I really like is that the package is SO similar to the mac lipsticks. 
Same size and shape only different color. 

I think if essence would choose a different color for the lipsticks ,
the package would look less cheap.
The lipsticks are really creamy and soft on the lips.
Not long lasting but you cannot expect that from a lipsticks that is only €1.99

The Brush

The brush 
Price - €1,59
I also purchased the brush of the limited collection.
I heard good stories about the brush so I was very curious. 
And I absolutely LOVE the design of the brush and the bristles are beautifully colored.

Package design

 The bristles

My opinion about the brush 
The brush
First of all I think the brush looks really cool.
I love the blue metallic pieces of the brush and the colored bristles.
Also the bristles are really soft ,so not irritating or harsh on the eyes.

The pencils 

 The pencils
I also bought three eye pencils , because I couldn't choose.
So I took them all , and if one doesn't suite me i'll give it away to my friend,mum or sister.

Eye pencil A
Price - €0,99
Nr.03 - Love me tender
The color : It's a metallic golden green color. 

Swatch of the golden green color.

Eye pencil B 
Price - €0,99
Nr. 02 - I'm a marine girl
The color - A dark metallic marine color with a purple undertone.

The 2nd swatch is the color of the pencil. 

Eye pencil C 
Price - €0,99
Nr.01 - You're a heartbreaker
The color - A metallic dark gray with a blue undertone.
Actually the same color as my eyes : blue/gray

 The swatch of the 3rd pencil.

My opinion about the pencils 
The pencils 
I think the colors of the pencils are really pretty , 
specially the blue and gray one.
The quality of the pencils are pretty good if you compare it to the price you pay.
Which is only €1 , that's why I took them all. 

Well this was my review of the Essence Limited edition line. 
I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading. 
And that your informed enough. 

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x