19 jul. 2011

REVIEW - EOS lipbalm

Hello lovely darlings ,

My opinion about the eos lip balms and sphere's
The product
 The product is really creamy and feels divine on your lips.
It's not sticky at all and just feels like it REALLY moisturizes your lips.  
Also the smells of these lip balms are just AMAZING.
I have mint,vanilla,pomegranate/raspberry , summer fruit and medicated tangerine.
The sphere's that I have are really fruity and I love it.

For the sphere's you get 7g
There is no information about how much gram the lipstick contains.
You get 10g in one package which is very good I think.
Also the lip balm is very good pigmented for a lip balm. It doesn't gives as much color as a lipstick would but this works great.
All the eos lip balm is 95%organic and 100% natural which is a very good thing.

The lipsticks

All the lipsticks are : gluten,paraben,petrolatum and phathalate - free
The lipsticks also contain : shea butter and vitamin E.

The sphere's 

All the sphere's are : gluten, paraben,petrolatum and phathalate - free
Summer fruit contains : shea butter and vitamin E
Medicated Tangerine contains : shea butter ,zinc and vitamin E and has a anti bacterial protection.

The price
This brand is a little more expensive.  
The sphere's cost €4,95
The sticks cost €4,95
BUT they are so worth the price.

The package
The package is very cool I think. 
First of all the package is recycling which is a very good thing.
The whole lip balm is very soft because I think it's made out of  soft plastic.
The package feels really soft and nice in your hands.
Both the type of lip balm are very nicely colored.
Like soft AND creamy colors , I really like that.

The sphere's
The sphere's are round and easy in your hands.
The bole applies easily.

The lip sticks
They are made of the same material as the sphere's.
So these are also very nice to hold.
They have a nice hole to put your finger on to. 

I personally think it's one of the greatest lip balms ever.
Deffinitly my favorite ones. 

Would I buy this product again ? 
YES , i'm in love with the lip balms and sticks.

Well this was my review.
I REALLY recommend these lip balms & sphere's.
They are absolutely amazing.

I hope you liked reading and enjoyed it.

With lots of love , 
Rianne x