4 jul. 2011

REVIEW - Catrice Sir, yes sir !

Hi guys and girls , 

Today's article is about my new Catrice nail polish called: Sir yes sir !

It's a deep army green nail polish with a gray undertone.
And I thought this color would look great and chic !
I'll show you the swatches.

And I can be very quick about the judging of this nail polish.
Cause like all catrice nail polishes , I love them.
They have great colors , most of the polishes you only need 2 coats of polish.

I absolutely love the Catrice ultimate collection and think they have great colors in the collection.
Also the price of these nail polish are great , only €2,49
Well this was a really short review but that's all I have to say about this nail polish.

I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading.
With lots of love , 
Rianne x