14 jul. 2011

REVIEW - Sleek - Oh so special palette

Hello lovely ladies and gentleman , 

Today's article is a review of my new palette of the lovely brand Sleek.
The palette is called - Oh so special and it's a gorgeous palette with really nice colors.

So let's go on with the review and swatches cause i'm so excited about this palette.

My opinion about the Sleek oh so special palette 
The product
The product is really pigmented and is powdery.
It isn't scented , smells like nothing actually haha.
The palette contains 12 gorgeous colors.
12 x 1,1 gram which is really good if you compare it to the price.

I absolutely love this palette all the colors are very" useable".
You can make great day time looks and evening looks with it.
Half of the palette are lighter colors and the other half are more darker colors.

Bow,Organza,Ribbon,Gift basket,Glitz,Celebrate
Pamper,Gateau,The Mail,Boxed,Wrapped up,Noir
Every individual eye shadow has a cute name. 

The package
The package is so pretty , it's the real sleek package.
Matt black but instead of only the black color , the package is decorated with some flowers and colored stripes.

As for the palette , looks like the normal sleek palette.
Matt black with the shiny sleek logo.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE - sleek palette's.
And when I saw this one I just had to order it.
The colors look just stunning and the palette is very pigmented.
Bow - Matt skin toned white/pink
Organza - Shimmery rose gold 
Ribbon - Coral pink
Pamper - Light pink
Gateau - Light pink with golden sheen
The Mail - Matt camel color 

Gift basket - Bronzey brown with golden glitters
Glitz - Shimmery dark grey
Celebrate - Shimmery brown with pink sheen
Boxed - Matt dark brown
Wrapped up - Matt dark chocolate brown
Noir - Matt black

The price
This brand is budget friendly , as all my products I buy since I don't have much money to spend.  
The palette costs €7,25 at www.alicejohavesentials.nl
For all my dutchies , I really recommend to buy at the alicejohavesentials site.
Because at the official sleek site the palette's cost €9-

Would I buy this product again ? 
Yes , because I love the sleek eye shadow palettes.
And I recommend them !! 

Well this was it , once again I really recommend this palette.
I hope you liked reading and watching !

PS. I ordered 3 sleek palettes - 
The bohemian palette , The sunset palette and the limited edition Curacao palette.
So stay tuned !! 

With lots and lots of love , 
Rianne x