4 jul. 2011

REVIEW - Sleek -Mediterranean Collection Pout Polish

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 

Today's article is about a new product I purchased from the brand Sleek : called Pout Polish.
I already had the other products of this collection 'the blush and the palette' and they are absolutely gorgeous.
So I was really curious about this product so I decided to buy it and I don't regret it.

My opinion about the Sleek Limited edition tinted lip conditioner Monte Carlo 
The product

The product is really creamy and feels really nice on your lips.

It's not sticky or smelly , cause some lip balms don't feel nice on your lips.

The lip balm has a SPF 15 in it which is GREAT for summer.
You need to protect your lips and this is a fashionable way to do it.
Your protecting your lips and you have great bright lips.

You get 10g in one package which is very good I think.
Also the lip balm is very good pigmented for a lip balm. It doesn't gives as much color as a lipstick would but this works great.

The price
This brand is budget friendly , as all my products I buy since I don't have much money to spend.  
The lip balm costs €6,50 at www.alicejohavesentials.nl

The package
The package is very "sleek"ish. 
The lid is matt black with the limited edition print on it from the city of Monte Carlo.
The bottom is sheer so you can easily see the color with is good. 
The lid is a little fragile I think , at least that's how it feels.

I am very excited about this lip balm.
I think it's absolutely great and I LOVE this color.
I always love bright pink lips but this one is great , it's not as bright as the lip sticks I own.
But it does the job very well. 

Would I buy this product again ? 
YES , I really love this product , I think it's amazing. 
It's really moisturizes my lips and it gives them a great color to.
I use it on a daily base ,specially this summer.
Bright lips are very in , and this way I protect my lips and still look good with bright lips.

Well this was it for this review,
 I hope you liked it and enjoyed reading.

With lots of love , 
Rianne x