21 dec. 2011

Christmas presents for her

Hello there lovely Christmas-spirit people  
Today's will be a handy article for everyone that will celebrate Christmas.
I will share ideas for Christmas with you guys and 
I hope you can do something with this information.
I think it would be really handy because sometimes ,
 you just have no idea what to get for a girl or woman.
So I will share a bunch of Christmas present ideas with you. 

How to pick a Christmas present : 

First of all , the most important thing ,
if you want to make the gift more personal is to really know the other one.
If you know someone you can easily pick a present , 
if you know someones hobbies for example.

If you know your mother,girlfriend or other girl really loves cooking ,
you can search in that categorie.
You can look for cooking utensils , books or outfits for example : 
a whisk or a cupcake maker, a cooking book or chefs apron. 

Beauty/relaxing related gifts 
Otherwise overall I think the most women are really happy with every beauty related items.
Like bathing , body care , makeup products like a nice mascara or a nice bath oil or hand cream. 
What I always like to do is make little sets of these kind of products.
You can also buy a wicker basket , I always love the look if a present if stationed in a basket with transparent wrapping paper. 

Subscribe to a magazine
You can also give the women a great gift by subscribing her to her favorite magazine.
Almost every women has a favorite magazine that she loves to read.
Every magazine has an online website where you can subscribe her or just buy a magazine and fill in the paper. Also great for teen age girls ! And most magazine dont cost that much.
Im subscribed to the magazine : Glamour and it costs me around 33 euro per year AND you get a gift or discount.

Books , CD's , DVD's 

You can also buy a book , CD or DVD.
Buy her a CD of her favorite artist of band.
Or get a nice girly DVD for a ultimate feminine feel , I bet everyone loves that.

Some DVDs for females 
The devil wears prada 

Confessions of a shopaholic

27 Dresses

Grown ups


Bad teacher

Chalet girl

50 first dates 

Sex and the city the movie 

Coco avant chanel 

In her shoes 

Love actually 

The Holiday

Personal gift 
Now days you can easily get your own personal gift of make them yourself.
What I always love to give as a daughter is a photo for my parents , of me and my sister for example.
Parents love to get these kind of presents or a collage of different great moments that you have with the family. For example pictures of that day in the zoo or that day that you went hiking with them.
Or make a collage with pictures of you and the rest of the family.
You can also let a company print a family photo on a mug or a painting.

Or print out a nice photo of you and your husband and give this to your parents and his.You can either buy and frame or buy this in the secondhand shop and "pimp"the frame by cleaning it and repainting it. This would be a great gift , you can use any photo you like you can also use a photo of you and your best friend of course.
You can also make a DIY chore , for example my sister in law made a tea box for myself.
She made it out of a old wooden wine bottle box and transformed into a tea box.
She decorated with a pencil and made some old school drawings on them.
Then the filled the box with sawdust and put all the products into the sawdust.
In the box she put different kinds of tea's in it and a tea bag holder.

If you really don't know what to get !?
A winebox
There is always an opportunity to open a bottle of wine , you can pick a wine box with three wines.
Red and white wine and rosé or you can choose for a bottle of champagne or prosecco.

A giftcard 
You cant go wrong with a gift card , this is a great gift if you really have NO clue what to give.
With this present the person has the opportunity that buy an own gift. 

Who doesn't like to have nice warm feet in the winter , this is a great gift for a female or male.
Young or old it does not matter , only thing is that you have to be careful with the model and color.
But you cant go wrong with this present.

EVERY woman , I repeat EVERY woman loves chocolate ( there may be exceptions ) but almost every woman loves chocolate.
Buy a box of chocolates and we'll be happy.

Food / candy basket 
A food basket is a great gift , just pick some nice foods out like crisps and dips , chocolate , crackers , cheese spread , dried sausage , olives , cheese , bruschetta  and fresh bread.
Everyone will have something that they will like ! 

Well this was it ! 

 I hope I gave you enough ideas , and that you found this article very useful.

And that I inspired you with some gift ideas !